Friday, 30 January 2015


Good morning everyone!

Seoul has a lot to offer. One reason as to why I liked Seoul so much more than Tokyo was that Seoul has different districts that differ widely in what kind of things you can do there. Whether you like shopping, culture or history: Seoul got it all, and most is even for free! (except the shopping, but even there you will get tons of freebies!) Even living there for 5 months I wasn't able to see it all - however, I was very blessed with Korean friends who tried to give me an amazing and unique experience to enjoy their country and took me to various places throughout my stay. If you ever wonder where to go in Seoul, here are my personal top ten favorites to visit in Seoul:

#1 Ihwa Mural Village (+ Naksan Park)

This was actually one of the very last places I got to visit while living in Korea. A friend who knew that I loved photography took me there because you have an amazing view over the Eastern part of the city from the Naksan hill and can have a slow walk down to get to Ihwa Mural Village where a whole district is plastered with amazing drawings and illusions on walls and stairs.


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Battle of the sheet masks! (Japanese + Korean + MBD)

Good evening everyone!

I made it safely back to Germany! For some reason, before going to Germany I was not overly excited to go back home. I mean, I wanted to see my boyfriend and friends and family of course but I was not "OMG I'm going home!!!" all the time. I never am. However, when I landed yesterday and spend the day with my boyfriend I was like "damn, how did I survive on the other side of the pond the whole time?!" It really is great being back home! So many friends were waiting for me, I feel very blessed :) My return flight however was horrible. I flew back with Qatar Airlines (because Finair, my usual number one choice was booked out, it's the shortest route from Asia to Berlin as far as I know, only 12 hours!) which meant Seoul - Doha 10,5 hours, waiting 4 hours in Doha and then 6,5 hours back to Berlin. Damn, I tell you, that was such a long Tuesday! My Tuesday had like 30 hours. Plus, we had crazy turbulences on the second flight I was so so scared for my life. I am not very scared of flying (ehrm... can you tell by all the 10+ flights I've done recently?) but also not a huge fan. So when our airplane jumped through the clouds like a crazy cat trying to catch the red dot....that was just too much. After being on the road for over 20 hours already. I was so so happy when we landed ( 1 1/2 hours too late, sorry boyfriend...) and my boyfriend picked me up! We are currently in lovey-dovey mode again as you can imagine and it's awesome. I'm so blessed with this patient loving boyfriend. 

Today's post I wrote quite a long time ago but then my trip to Japan plus giveaway came in between so I saved it in order to avoid "spoilers" for my giveaway. But today, in the midst of harsh winter winds (if you live in a...harsh winter winds country like me,that is. I know some of my readers are blessed with eternal summer!) I present you:

I am proud to present you yet another big skincare battle post: Battle of the sheet masks! I use sheet masks a lot but honestly, they are not worth a whole post for themselves. I can't take pretty pictures of them, I look weird with them on, there is nothing to swatch and reflective packaging is the worst to photograph. However, since sheet mask does not equal sheet mask in general, I  made this huge compilation of all masks that I have tried so far. I review some more than displayed here because I added some others later when I already finished writing this post. Enjoy!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Giveaway Winners + Going Back Home Update

Good morning everyone!

How have you all been? Sorry for being absent for quite a time, but these last days in Korea have been just major crazy. I went on a very short vacation from Friday to Sunday to Sokcho Beach on the Eastern coast of Korea. It was a lovely trip despite the fact that I fell extremely sick half into the journey and could not enjoy it as much as I would have - I must have eaten something really bad because I woke up in the middle of the night and felt miserable. Needless to say, the trip back with the shakey bus was not as pleasant anymore. Plus, we were caught up in a traffic jam and it took us almost 6 hours for a usual 2-3 hours trip, dang. There will be a separate post about the good sides of the trip once I'm back home, rested and got all the pictures we took :)

Also, I announced the winners of the giveaway straight away on my Facebook and Twitter page but it seems a lot of people missed that, so here it goes again:

...congratulations again to Irina and Jenn! I already sent out their packages and I hope they'll arive safe & sound & soon at your doorstep! :) Thanks everyone for entering and you can expect another giveaway soon!

You won't hear much of me in the next few days though, because I am leaving tonight for Germany. It's kind of.... weird. To go back so suddenly. I don't have the feeling of going back home, maybe it will hit me somewhen along the journey. My flight will take 21 hours with a 4 hour break in Doha, Qatar but the whole journey starting at the dorm until I arrive will be more than 30 hours so don't expect to hear anything from me soon - I'll be pretty dead.

Have a good start into the new week!


Monday, 19 January 2015


Good evening everybody,

Slowly, it hits me. That I am really going home again. Of course I always have in the back of my mind that I'm going back home, but. It's different when you are coming withing a graspable time span. In less than a week, I will already be on the plane on my way to Qatar and from there back to Berlin. I am happy and sad at the same time as always when a life time ends and a new one begins. I started to get insomnia which is a pretty good way to tell I'm leaving soon - the thought of ending a "life" completely, taking all my stuff and moving somewhere else stresses me out so much I usually sleep very bad the last 1-2 weeks that are left. But I guess bad sleep means more reviews for you..? :)

Now, I don't do many rave reviews as you all know. So far. the only product that has really wowed me in the last months has been the IOPE Air Cushion XP (and my excitement for it backfired, since many friends and relatives have asked me to get it for them...). When I went off my acne medication, my skin was going crazy (although the medication wasn't really helping me in the 3 months I took the antibiotics!) and I had deep painful cystic acne ALL OVER MY FACE. I kid you not and I got picture proof - always thinking of this blog lol. Anyways, the COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol is the only product that has made a visible impact on my skin so I present you: the review I couldn't wait to write for the last 2+ weeks!