Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Good evening everyone!

How are you all doing? Since the beginning of March, it's gotten colder and rainy with lots of wind in Berlin. I had my very first consultation with an aesthetcian and a professional skin analysis done this week! As soon as I'm back on track (kind of have a cold right now) I'll do a video about that! :) It was very revealing and I think what I learnt will be super helpful for a lot of my readers, so please look forward to that! For today, I'd very much like to introduce you to the new lip products from Etude House: Liquid Lipsticks!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Best and Worst of Asian Cosmetics 2014!

Good evening everybody,

How are y'all doing? :) I have been so busy today! I actually met with two friends from Japan who are studying at University of Bonn at the moment and came to visit me in Berlin! It's crazy how small the world becomes when you travel long enough, there's always a friend somewhere nearby. I also ran into my former Japanese Studies professor today! I remember when I was so afraid of him back in the day, just because he knows everything and I was afraid to look dumb. He said he would def. support me in case I would want to get a Phd in the future :) I really hope I can find a good job though, I would love to work instead of study for a change (6 years of constant studying is just as much as my brain can take.) Soo the other days I have been productive and shot my second Youtube video! :D I am still not entirely comfortable in front of the camera, but I think we'll get there eventually. (It's hard. So so hard.)

I know I am super late with this kind of topic, but moving around Japan, Korea and then coming back home was just a bit too much to worry about this, so I proudly present you my best and worst Asian cosmetics 2014 - in late February 2015. At least I'm not spamming your dashboard with this kind of topic as it happened to me at the end of last year :D Please remember that this kind of topic is very subjective and it doesn't mean those products will work or suck for anyone - it's really just personal preference and what works for my (moody) skintype. Also, I had to cut up this video in so many tiny pieces because I was talking complete rubbish in between and my hair tried to ambush me (yeah, don't ask. Thanks hair for trying to sabotage my video.) Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and I'd be thrilled to get some feedback or future video ideas in the comments :) Thanks for watching!

If you haven't already, you would make my world by subscribing to my channel. No pressure of course. (But I'll squeal like a baby pig whenever you do.)

Anyways, I wish you all a very happy and exciting weekend! Any special plans? I'll apply for a job tomorrow (.....yes) and meet a very very very missed friend from Japan on Sunday and give her a little tour of Berlin! Maybe if she's up to it I'll film a bit but not sure if she's comfortable with it so we'll see. Talk to you all soon!

Lots of love,


Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Good evening everybody!

Damn. I forgot what it's like to have an actual social life! I didn't have any plans for this week....originally. I really wanted to work and focus on my thesis but somehow, I have plans every single day. Same for next week. I'm probably doing this whole thing wrong. In my defense, I didn't have much of a big social life back in Japan + Korea because most of my friends were crazy busy with graduating. It is really awesome to have lots of my friends near me though - I didn't know how much I missed it until I finally came back home. This weekend, some of my Japanese classmates come to visit me in Berlin! So there goes my weekend too :) It's so awesome that they come to visit me though, as they are currently studying (abroad) in Bonn. So being a busy social bee was one of the reasons for this post's delay - so sorry! I know I promised it much sooner to some of my readers :)

I picked this BB cream up because it was on sale at Watsons - and how could I say no with this packaging?! I really wish the Zombie girl was printed on the actual tube too! I didn't expect much to be honest - I am always a bit susüicious with over the top cute/cool packaging! However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this out in store and later at home! 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - Review & Natural Smokey Eye FOTD

Good evening everyone,

Although it's still February, it is extremely warm and sunny in Germany this winter! Usually it's very cold/dark/grey from January to March, sometimes even April but it seems as if we're a bit more lucky this year. With years where we had -20°C in Berlin, I couldn't be more happy! It makes waking up much more nice when the sun laughs in your face instead of grey almost-molten snowy mud. Go Winter Germany!

I have a big spot for the eyeshadow palettes of Sleek in my heart as I always thought that they are great value for their money. One of my most used palettes so far has been the Oh So Special palette, which has been the only palette that I brought with me when I studied abroad! So far, their shimmer shadows have been amazing as well as the dark matte shadows. I have been disappointed with the lighter matte colors so I was curious to see how this palette fares! Also I created a little "family dinner appropriate" natural smokey eye using this palette :)