Friday, 19 December 2014

Etude House Dear My Wish RD302 Look + Review

Good evening everyone!

Almost everyone in my dorm is leaving Korea next Monday so it's a very depressing mood lately. Everyone is sending their shopping goods back home and busy packing up all their things. I didn't bond with most of them anyway so I'm happy I don't have to say goodbye to my friends just yet :) However, I also did some packing today as I'll fly to Japan on Monday! Can't believe the time is finally here...the last two weeks have been terribly slow. I got many requests for showing how the Etude House's Dear My Wish lipstick in RD302 looks like when worn and I shall deliver.

It is important to note that the lipstick looks a bit lighter in these pictures than in real life. The actual color that shows up on the lips is more close to the swatches I did prior to this post:

So it's not as dark as in my swatch but also not as red as in my pictures. I always get frustrated when colors don't show up true to life no matter what kind of lighting I'm using. It is a beautiful darker red shade that you can rock on the night out with your girls or to any other special occasion!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Laneige Pore Control Cushion Review in #13 (Light Beige)

Happy snowy day everyone!

Today I had my final exam! Like, final exam of my whole MA program! YES! I am so excited. Also, I had a huge coffee with sugar and whipped cream so I am kinda going a bit berserk at the moment (this body doesn't like coffee). Also, it's snowing for hours and I fear it might get tricky to get down the hill I live upon tomorrow. But for now, I am happy that I made it through all of my exams and I am fairly certain I should get a good grade in my Korean class because I owned this last exam. Can you tell I'm super pumped?! :D

Also, I have a new header! The more adorable version of myself was drawn by my awesome friend Lily Hong, thanks for making me cuter than I am dear! ;D Go visit her blog and buy some of her cute sticker sets that she designs herself (Pokémon, Sailor Moon, anyone?! Btw, I'm still mad you only ship within the US, I thought we were close.. 'sobs) Back to topic.

So after I got lots of good feedback for my thorough review on the IOPE Air Cushion XP, I will do the same for the Laneige Pore Control Cushion today, with before and after pictures of course :)

I only bought a refill of the Laneige to test it out, because Laneige cushion refills can fit into my IOPE case as both are made by Amore Pacific. Most (all?) cushions made by Amore Pacific (Mamonde etc) should fit into each other's cases as far as I know. I bought this refill for 13,000Won with shipping from Gmarket. I am NC15 and use the C21 with IOPE but went for the shade 13 Light Beige with Laneige because it is their lightest shade and usually the lightest shade fits me well with Korean cosmetics. You can already see from the cushion, although it does not display the real color of the foundation, that the shade 13 is quite lighter than the Iope 21. Also, this is how my sponge looked like after 2 1/2 months of using my IOPE before I ran empty :/ I didn't know that the refills came with a sponge but I am super happy it did! I would have bought a new one otherwise.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Living in Seoul: November Edition.

Good evening everyone!

Can you believe, it's already the middle of December! In 1 1/2 weeks I will finally be going to Japan and visit my best friend who moved there in November. Oh, I am SO happy that we will be spending some ultra quality time, just us two, for 13 days. 'Dis gon' be gud'. SO EXCITED! On a related note, time just flies in Seoul. I guess it's because my Korean is crappy, I don't know Seoul as I know Tokyo and anyways, there was nothing in Tsukuba to pass the time so that's probably why. I had a pretty kickass November in Korea, I just say: So. Much. Food. I sometimes feel eating is the only real social practice here but.. nevermind me, I love food! I really like Korean food I must say, although some is too spicy for me. My favorites are bibimbap (do that frequently myself, so good..) and jjimdak. But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

In the beginning of November, I met my lovely friend Arim (who wants to study abroad in Europe) and decided we have some traditional Han-river visit with fried chicken! I didn't know this before but it's actually a pretty big thing to go to the Han-river and eat chicken there. I'm pretty sure it's super crowded in spring/summer/autumn. However when we went, it was already too cold for eating chicken outside so we went for a walk first and had some chicken at a place nearby.

 I love Arim, she is such a fun and easy-going person. We always have so much fun!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yule Extravaganza: Moi's Merry Skincare Gift Selections

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful December.
I am Moi Sanom from The 35th of May.
Sam and I decided to write Christmas guides a little while back.
I am doing the skin care heavy post and Sam’s present ideas was mostly based on make-up.
I am excited to present to you some new and exiting gift ideas and some true and tested oldies as well.
I hope this guide will be able to inspire you to find some practical and effective products for your friends, family, cosmetic beginners and long time aficionados.

For the careful testers:
I consider myself part of this group. The kind of people who prefer to buy samples before committing to a full sized item, that test a whole line in travel sizes to see if it really works for their routine. Fortunately, there is a lot of deluxe and travel sizes available and some beautiful sets are around too.
I have started using Iope a few months ago and their mid range products have all been wowing me. This Moisture Intense special set is great for normal to dry skin tones as it is both hydrating and rich, the Moistgen Skin Hydration set is meant for dehydrated skin but could also work wonderfully for normal to dry skin types. This 5 product Laneige Moisture set is not only ideal for any skin type and a great introduction to the brand. If you want to give someone something really fancy without spending all that money this Hanyul Tristige kit is perfect.

Snail lovers, set haters, men and even more sets continue after the break! :)