Wednesday, 25 March 2015

COSRX Giveaway Winners!

Good evening everybody!

Thank you so much for over 400 entries on my latest giveaway! I'm glad it was received as enthusiastically as I envisioned it when I first got the idea for it. I have a lot of empty 10ml droppers left so I'm already thinking about what the next giveaway could be. Wishes, anyone?! :D

Since I find it extremely boring and also not very personal to just click on "random winner" and be done with it, I decided to do a little winner of me handpicking the lucky two people! NO I TOTALLY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FREE TIME. In the time I needed to write down all the names, I totally could've written two pages of my thesis. Oh well. (Next time I'll print it but I wanted to be enviromental friendly and used my old academic papers that I wanted to throw away anyways.) So without further delay, I present you the very oldschool winner picking video I made this afternoon :D


Will write an email to you both asap. Please please please respond as I don't have the time to record another video!! :P Sorry for everyone who didn't win this time but I'll think hard of something to present you another giveaway shortly. Thanks for watching and I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me :)

Good night everyone! (Now I REALLY have to write my thesis....)
Lots of love,


Monday, 23 March 2015

REVIEW | Etude House V-Line Slim Maker No.2 Sun Pink/Cherry Brown [Contour Set]

Hey There!

Today is quite a special day because........ it's my first time *ever* to try contouring! Now, as a very fair person it is quite difficult to find shades that suit my skintone. Most contour kits are either way too dark even when used with a light hand and, worse, way too warm so it lookes really weird on a cool/pink-tones person like me. Also, in Germany contouring is not really a thing; the only thing people use here are highlighter and bronzer and those always have shimmer or even glitter in them. Ugh. shudders Since those products make me look like a badly self-tanned discoball I have stayed away from contouring as long as possible - but I really would've liked to try it. So I was super excited when I saw that Etude House was launching their newest comtouring products, the V-Line Slim Maker. They come in two shades: No 1 Sun Gold/Wood Brown and No 2 Sun Pink/ Cherry Brown which I'll review today.

Friday, 20 March 2015

How I Got My Skintype Wrong MY WHOLE LIFE!

Hey There,

After two weeks of social busy bee'ing and gloomy dark weather in Berlin, I finally had the time (and also the weather! Hate to be that dependent on the daylight...) to record another Youtube video :D Still not comfortable, but we're getting there. I guess. Maybe. 

If you've been a reader of this blog before, you probably know that I always declared my skintype as somewhat "normal leaning towards oily". That was the best guess I could take but I actually had not a single clue what my skin actually needed because my skin is so confusing. I always had some "symptoms" of oily skin (blemishes, shine, clogged pores, blackheads) but on the other hand, some things that others with oily skin reported (make-up/eyeshadow wouldn't last or transfer, waking up with a greasy feeling on the face etc.) never happened to me so I was a little bit lost. I am currently seeing a derm about my acne issues and he recommended that I go see an aesthetician to free those clogged pores of mine on a daily basis. When I got there, they actually had a "welcome set" for new customers which was a treatment along with a professional skincare analysis - it was only 12€ more than the treatment alone so I thought, heck, I really need to know because something is weird. Curious what skintype I really got? Find out in my latest video :D

So....yeah. Almost...close... I guess. The weird thing is though, I have been doing reviews for years on the premise that my skin is normal to oily and usually the things that worked well for me did work well for the readers of mine who indeed have oily skin (or maybe we all are wrong about our own skintype... :P) Anyways! I will update at least the latest and most popular of my reviews with the new information so future readers will get more accurate information. I hope y'all are not mad for me for suddenly changing skintypes LOL. I was really convinced but.. nothing's certain in this world I guess (deep thought moment.)

I hope you enjoyed this video, let me know what you think! :) If you would subscribe to my channel that would totally make my day! It's just so much more fun when people are actually watching what you're doing. Also if you haven't entered my COSRX giveaway yet, you really should. Crossing my fingers for all of you! What skintype do you, my readers, have? I'm curious now!

Have a kickass weekend everyone!
Lots of love,


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

REVIEW | Tony Moly Bio Ex Active -Cell Dual Cleanser

Hey There!

Are you as exhausted from the weekend as I am? For some reason, I'm not as well rested as I should be. After having nice lunch outside of Berlin with my boyfriend's parents and a Monday full of laying around with the boyfriend who had off of work, I feel as though I worked the whole weekend lol. I think I need a job to somehow get back into any kind of rythm...anyways.

Today I want to share with you an amazing cleanser that I have found online! The Tony Moly Bio Ex Active -Cell Dual Cleanser is actually the first of it's kind that I've seen around (or maybe I'm just late to the party...) but it's a dual cleanser with a marine gel oil cleanser and a green tea foam cleanser! How cool is that?! I was extremely curious about this cleanser because it has an amazing packaging and looks kinda futuristic - it's one of those things that you'd rather display than hide in your bathroom :D


Excellent moisturizing effect of filtrate of Roksamfire callus provides firm and elastic skin.
Fresh marine stem cells gives vitality and overflowing energy.
Dermatotropic ingredient similar to the skin moist creates moisty and shiny skin.
No parabens, no benzophenone-5, free, no mmineral oil, benzyl alcohol-free, sulfate surfactant-free,
Talc-free, non-triethanolamine, triclosan-free, non-BHT, free of artificial fragrances