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Life Update/Rant (March-July): Shitty Part-Time Job, My Japanese Thesis & Cat Stuff [+ Giveaway Winner!]

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First of all, thank you everyone for your patience the last couple of months. My blog has been growing at quite a fast pace and with a lot of changes happening in my life, it just wasn't the easiest to catch up with all and everyone. But, now that the biggest stress factor -my Japanese thesis- is (almost) out of the way, I am super happy to sit down and have a chat with you about everything that happened the past couple of months, so I present you: a life update/rant in video format :D

The freedom of my now submitted thesis led to a creative outburst so I used the time and recorded a second youtube video so you can expect another one very very soon! I kind of got a little overexcited and recorded a whooping half an hour - oops! Guess two parts it is then. (Bonus: there will be German (with subtitles), because many of my German readers demanded it. Your wishes shall be heard!) I do hope you enjoy this little life update vlog and please let me know if you are generally interested in those kind of "private" videos or rather reviews and stuff instead? Let me know! :)

Also, my giveaway ended yesterday and thank you everyone for entering! I picked a winner randomly through the rafflecopter app after checking all the entries. -dramatic drumroll-

And the winner is......
Entry #235, Irena!

Congratulations dear! I already emailed you, please respond in the next 48 hours to claim your prize or I'll have to draw another winner. To everyone who didn't win, don't fret. I'm working on a new giveaway pretty soon! :) I just love making gifts.

Let me know how you like the video and if you have any wishes for future videos! (although the list of videos I want to do is quite long already...too little time!) Hope you all have a great summer at the moment (it's way too hot for my taste in Germany at the moment..) I have to work through my birthday (3rd of July) so not sure when exactly the next update will be as I'm quite busy with meeting friends, going to the hairstylist again and having a birthday BBQ, hrhrhr. Make sure to follow me on Instagram if you want to keep in touch! :)

Have a great day everyone!
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The Ultimate Korean Shopping Vocabulary List [EN+DE]

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I am super thrilled to present to you today part II of my Ultimate Asian Beauty Shopping Vocabulary Lists: the Korean Version! (Find the Japanese version here) This table is almost identical in content with the Japanese one, only that I did some minor additions (such as BB cushion) that are prevalent in Korea as well as a big list of Korean brands instead of Japanese at the end. (and yes, I know Hada Labo is Japanese but it is widely available in Korea too so I added the Korean name as well. Just in case.) Which makes sense, I guess. The Korean version was highly requested after I posted the Japanese one - I originally wanted to put everything in one table (Japanese and Korean) but then I decided it wouldn't been that easy to read for those that have no knowledge of either language, so I split it. My Japanese is much much better than my Korean so I felt more comfortable posting the first table - a very good Korean friend of mine (Susan, you've seen her on here!) helped me out and proofread the contents :)  수산, 고마워~

If you thought Japanese pronounciation was random: Be prepared. I highly advise you to copy and paste the desired phrases into google translate and listen to the pronounciation there as it is very difficult to adequately present the words in the Roman alphabet. Also: prepare for your tongue to be broken. It's probably me because I started with Japanese and didn't speak Korean for that long but I find the Korean pronounciation much harder than Japanese and it resulted in lots of misunderstandings while in Korea (.....I learnt to type what I want into my phone beforehand just in case anything went wrong, haha. #sadbuttrue)


   Useful phrases   
How to write it

How to pronounce it


안녕하세요 annyeonghaseyo ann-yong-haseyo Hello/Guten Tag
감사합니다 gamsahabnida (k)gamsa hamnida Thank you/Danke
부탁드립니다 butagdeulibnida butak deu-rimnida Please/Bitte
예/네 ye/ne ye/ne Yes/Ja
아니요 aniyo aniyo No/Nein
이것 igeos i-got' This/Dies
...주세요 ...juseyo ...juseyo Please (give).../
.....(Geben) Sie mir bitte
이거 주세요 igeo juseyo i-go juseyo (Give me) this, please/
Dies hier bitte
(i goseun)
(i gos'eun)
olma e-yo?
How much (is this)?/Wieviel kostet (dies hier)?
X는 어디입니까? X neun eodi ibnikka? X neun o-di imnikka? Where is X?/Wo finde ich X?
X는 무엇입니까? X neun mueos-ibnikka? X neun mu-osh' imnikka? What is X?/Was ist X?
이건 뭐예요? igeon mwoyeyo? I-gon muo-ye-yo? What is this?/Was ist das hier?
카드 결제 돼요? kadeu gyeolje dwaeyo? kadeu gyol-je dwae yo? Can I pay by card?
Kann ich mit Karte bezahlen?
입어봐도 될까요? ib-eo bwado doelkkayo? ib-o bwa do dwael kka yo? Can I try this on?/Darf ich das einmal anprobieren?
이건요? igeon yo? i-gon yo? And this [item]?/Und das hier?
괜찮아요 gwaenchanh-ayo gwaen-chan-a yo Okay/In Ordnung
… 있어요? … iss-eoyo? ...iss-o yo? Do you have...?/Gibt es hier...?
저는 X를
jeoneun X leul chajgoiss-eoyo jo neun X reul chad' go iss-o yo I'm looking for X/
Ich suche nach X
X 팔아요? X pa-ra-yo? X pa-ra yo? Do you sell X?/Verkaufen Sie X?
[X를] 보여
[X leul] boyeo juseyo [ X reul] po-yo juseyo Please show me X/
Zeigen Sie mir bitte X
[X를] 사고 싶어요 [X leul] sago sip-eoyo [X reul] sago
ship-o yo
I want to buy X/Ich möchte X kaufen
반품 해 주세요 ban-pum hae juseyo ban-pum hae juseyo Refund (this) please/Einen Umtausch, bitte
반품하고 싶은데요 ban-pum ha go shipeun deyo ban-pum ha go shipeun deyo I'd like a refund for this/
Ich möchte das hier umtauschen
세일 중이에요? seil jung-ieyo? se-il jung i-e-yo? Do you have a sale going on?
Haben Sie Angebote/Schlussverkauf?
죄송합니다 joesong habnida jwi-song hamnida I apologize/Verzeihung.
실례합니다,... sillyehabnida shillye hamnida Excuse me,... /Entschuldigung,...
molla yo
I don't understand/Ich verstehe nicht


dowa jushi gesso yo?

Could you please help me?
Könnten Sie mir bitte helfen?

os ot' Clothes/Kleidung
티셔츠, 티 tisyeocheu, ti tisha-cheu, also: ti T-shirt 
바지 baji baji Pants/Hose
청바지 cheongbaji chong baji Denim Pants/Jeans
원피스 wonpiseu won-pies' One-piece/dress/Kleid
스커트 seukeoteu seukoh-te Skirt/Rock
셔츠 syeocheu shache(u) Shirt/Hemd
스웨터 seuweteo sewetoh Sweatshirt/Pullover
코트 koteu kote(u) Coat/Jacke
양말 yangmal yangmal Socks/Socken




스킨케어 seukinkeeo seekin-keo Skincare/Hautpflege
얼굴 eolgul ol-gul Face/Gesicht
피부 pibu pibu Skin/Haut
스킨 seukin s(eu)kin Skin|Toner/Gesichtswasser
로션 losyeon roshon Emulsion/Feuchtigkeitsfluid
클렌징 keullenjing ke(u)llenjing' Cleansing/Reinigung
클렌징 크림 keullenjing keulim ke(u)llenjing' ke(u)rim Cleansing cream/Reinigungscreme
클렌징 오일 keullenjing oil ke(u)llenjing' oil Cleansing oil/Reinigungsöl
세럼 serom serom Serum
에센스 esenseu esense(u) Essence/Essenz
썬크림 sseonkeulim sson ke(u)rim Sunscreen/Sonnenschutz
haideurogel (maseukeu) haide(u)rogehl
Hydrogel mask
마스크 maseukeu mas'ke(u) Sheet mask/Tuchmaske
마스크워시오프 maseukeu wosiopeu mas'ke(u) wosh'ope(u) Wash-off mask
(슬리핑) 팩 (seulliping) paek (seulliping) paek (Sleeping) Pack/Mask
여드름 yeodeuleum yodeureum Pimples/Pickel
모공 mogong mogong Pores/Pore
건성 피부 geonseong pibu gonsong pibuDry skin/Trockene Haut
지성 피부

jiseong pibu

ji-song pibu

Oily Skin/Fettige Haut

화장 hwajang hwajang Make-up (in general/allgemein)
BB크림 BB keulim BB ke(u)rim BB Cream
BB쿠션 BB kusyeon BB kushon BB Cushion
베이스 beiseu beise(u) Base Make-up/Grundierung
프라이머 peulaimeo peuraimoh Primer
파운데이션 paundeisyeon paundeishon Foundation
컨실러 keonsilleo konshill(e)o Concealer/Abdeckstift
파우더 /
Face Powder/Gesichtspuder
아이브로우 aibeulou aibeuro-(u) Eyebrow/Augenbraue
마스카라 maseukala mase(u)kara Mascara/Wimperntusche
아이섀도우 aisyaedou aishaedo-(u) Eyeshadow/Lidschatten
립스틱 libseutig ribse(u)tik Lipstick/Lippenstift


머리(카락) meoli(kalag) mori(karag) Hair/Haare
헤어 케어 heeo keeo heo keo Haircare/Haarpflege
샴푸 syampu shampu Shampoo
린스 or
rinse(u) or
rinse(u) or
두피 dupi dupi Scalp/Kopfhaut
헤어 미스트 heeo miseuteu heo mise(u)te(u) Overnight treatment/Haarmaske für die Nacht
자외선 차단 헤어스프레이

jaoeseon chadan heeoseupeulei

jawoson chadan heo se(u)pe(u)rei

Heat protection spray/Hitzeschutz für die Haare

크다 keuda keuda Big/Groß
작다 jagda jagda Small/Klein
보통 botong botong Regular/Normal
얇다 yalbda yalbda Slim/Schlank/Dünn
두껍다 dukkeobda dukkobda Fat/Dick
길다 gilda gilda Long/Lang
짧다 jjalbda jjalbda Short/Kurz
싸다 ssada ssada Cheap/Affordable/Günstig
비싸다 bissada bi-ssada Expensive/Teuer
너무 비싸다

neomu bissada

nohmu bi-ssada

Too Expensive/Zu Teuer

매진 maejin maeijin Sold out/Ausverkauft
한정판 hanjeongpan hanjong pan Limited edition/Limitiertes Produkt
피팅룸 pitinglum piting rum Fitting room/Anprobe
비닐봉지 binilbongji binil bongji Plastic bag/Plastiktüte
일시불 ilsibul ilshi bul Single payment/Einmalige Zahlung
면세 myeonse myonse Taxfree/Steuerfrei
계산 gyesan gyesan Checkout/Bill Kasse/Rechnung
계산대 gyesandae gyesandae Checkout/Kasse
고객센터 gogaegsenteo gogaek sentoh Service counter/Information
멤버십 카드 membeosib kadeu membohship kadeu Membership card/Mitgliedskarte
반품 ban-pum ban-pum Return/Umtausch
할인 hal-in hal-in Discount/Rabatt



Discount coupon/Rabattcoupon

하다라보 hadarabo hada rabo Hada Labo
이니스프리 iniseupeuri inise(u)pe(u)ri Innisfree
에뛰드하우스 ettwideuhauseu etwide-hause(u) Etude House
아리따움 alittaum arittaum Aritaum
코스알엑스 koseual-egseu kos'-al ekse(u) COSRX
씨라클 ssilakeul (s)shirakeul Ciracle
스킨푸드 seukinpudeu s(eu)kinp(f)ude Skinfood
토니모리 toni mori toni mori Tony Moly
홀리카홀리카 hollika hollika hollika hollika Holika Holika
어퓨 eopyu oh-pyu A'pieu
미샤 misya misha Missha
더샘 deo saem doh saem The Saem
아이오페 aiope aiope IOPE
라네즈 lanejeu laneje(u) Laneige
리오엘리 lio-elli lio-elli Lioele
페리페라 pelipela peri pera Peripera
에이트루 eiteulu ei-te(u)ru A'true
네이처리퍼블릭 neicheo lipeobeullig neicho ripobe(u)llig Nature Republic
투쿨포스쿨 tukul po seukul tu kul po se(u)kul Too Cool For School
클리오 keullio keullio Clio
‎바닐라코  banilla ko banilla ko Banila Co
더페이스샵 deo peiseu syab do peise(u) shab The Face Shop
메디힐 medihil medihil Mediheal
잇츠스킨 ischeu seukin it' che(u) s(eu)kin It's Skin
미즈온 mijeuon mije(u)on Mizon
마몽드 mamongdeu mamon(g)de(u) Mamonde
숨37 sum37 sum37 Su:m37°
설화수  seolhwasu solhwasu Sulwhasoo
닼터자르트  dakt(e)o jare(u)te(u) dakt(e)o jareuteu Dr. Jart
헤라  hera hera Hera
싸이닉  ssainik ssainik Scinic
브이디엘  beuidiel bwi-di-el VDL
에스쁘어  eseubbeueo esbbe(u)o Espoir
차앤박화장품  chaenbakhwa
cha-aen bakhwa
벤튼  benteun benteun Benton

I really hope this little table will be useful to anyone with travel desires to Korea! If I missed anything important you'd like to know, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to the list. Now that you know how to "write" all those fancy Korean words, I also highly recommend to download the app Hwahae, a Korean skincare and beauty community where I source all my English ingredients list from. Vy from VVML1007 made a great introduction post about how to use Hwahae among other resources :) However, you can totally write a brand in it's "English" name and the app will gladly be able to find it, so you don' necessarily need this to use the app successfully :)

I do hope that this table will be a useful source for anyone who wants to conquer the vast Korean beauty market or for those who try to venture farther down the Korean online shopping rabbit hole! Happy shopping and have a nice Sunday :)

Lots of love,


Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Thesis: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Of The Concepts of Feminity/Masculinity In the Fashion Blogosphere

Hey There!

Today is the best day EVER because I finally finally submitted my Japanese master's thesis! While I am extremely proud of the work that I've done in a foreign language, it was also probably the most hardest thing I've ever done. Like, literally. It was SO HARD. Many of you were interested in the program that I am taking part in and what exactly my thesis was about (and why the hell I was writing it in Japanese.) Now that I submitted my thesis, I feel finally in the position to talk about it - and I am happy it is of interest to so many of my readers! :)

I am a grad student currently enrolled in a trinational master's program between Germany, Japan and Korea. I did study Japanese Studies and Cultural Studies here in Berlin and knew that if I was going to continue with my studies, it needs to be something that will bring me even further - with that in mind, the regular Japanese Studies master programs (where you "only" deepen your knowledge of your previous studies at your local university) were out. Mainly. because all the students from Berlin seemed very disappointed with the master's program available. Since I was already exhausted from 4 years of constant studying (one year which was in Japan) I knew that if I wanted to invest more time into studying, it needs to be worth of my time.

So I applied to all the "high prestige" programs in Germany that come with a scholarship and guarantee you at least a year of studying in Japan. I was rejected after interviews and was putting the thought to rest when I heard of a new program that was highly international with various study opportunities abroad - the program's name is Transcultural European and East Asian Culture and History (short: TEACH). In this program, you spend one term in Bonn, the next in Tsukuba (Japan) and the third one in Seoul, South Korea. Since I studied Chinese and Japanese before, the objective of adding Korean to my repertoire was tempting enough a challenge to accept. Moreover, students will do a double-degree on two of the universities with every choice possible; I did chose to graduate in Germany (in East Asian Studies) and Japan (in International Area Studies). And when they said double-degree, they really meant double: We had to take courses for both degrees on all three universities and make sure to take enough classes to cover the credits. More importantly: We have to write two theses. which in my case meant one in Japanese for Tsukuba University and one German one. Ouch. What was I thinking.....

However, since I had always been the ambitious type I saw the Japanese thesis more as a challenge than a necessary chore. So, my thesis. I was appointed a supervisor who was focusing on Media Studies in Japan after I kept on talking about the importance of the new media in my interview when entering the program. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to write about weblogs. I've been blogging since I've been 13 years old and if I was spending a year or so researching, I wanted it to be something I was deeply passionate about. Turns out, weblogs are not of the biggest interest in the academic world and surprisingly little studies have been conducted, especially from a cross-cultural perspective (we had to find a topic that was focusing on all three areas equally - in terms of that, I made a clever choice as it was so  much more easy to have all three countries in there in contrast to a more historical perspective).

I originally wanted to do a comparison of online self-presentation in weblogs but it was incredibly hard to limit the scope of research. So after a long back and forth, my supervisor and I decided to focus on fashion blogs from a gender studies perspective (Okay.... I forced him into it because he is neither interested in fashion nor in gender studies topics.)

        Exploring the state of the blogosphere         

So basically, my thesis explores the different state of the internet in all three countries and the meaning of weblogs in each culture - Germany definitely has the loosest connection as weblogs are still not as popular a medium as they are in Japan and Korea respectively. In order to somehow assess gender roles and concepts of feminity and masculinity online, I reviewed gender roles and stereotypes displayed by the next close medium: fashion magazines in all three countries. It was already interesting to see, that the concept of being "a desireable (fe)male" varied a lot across countries and indicated that the concept of feminity/masculinity was heavily influenced by culture and not universally the same. As an example, the German females were displayed a lot more active, strong and professional while Japanese magazines focused on the aspect of being cute and more submissive overall. In all of this, Korea always fell somewhere in the middle between both German and Japanese extremes which could be an idicator of a stronger Western influence in recent years compared to Japan.

I did a lot of small analyses on the ratio of female to male fashion bloggers (note: I was looking at the Top 20 fashion blogs of each country), on the layouts, color themes, interaction with social media and categories. In accordance with my previous findings, the most popular fashion blog category in Japan was "cute fashion" while in Germany it was "lifestyle" and "individual styles". Completely unrelated, the most popular categories for Korean fashion blogs were "shopping" and "brands" which is in accordance with a high focus on consumerism in South Korea.

          Visual content analysis          

As my main analysis, I was sampling 4 pictures of every second blog (as I didn't have enough time to sample 240 pictures in total - it resultet in 91 pictures that were part of my analysis) in the top 20 from 2014 and conducting a visual content analysis. I was coding for 1) the presentation of the face (is the face even displayed? If so, what kind of expression is presented? Direction of glance? etc.) as well as 2) posing (overly feminine? manly? sexualized? etc.) and 3) additional information such as choice of background (homely mirror-shot? Outside? In a social context? etc.) As you can probably imagine, that took a very long time to to not only sample but also analyse. I won't lie, it was extremely time-consuming. However, I was thrilled to see some very interesting trends emerging in all respective countries.

        Germany: Staged Self         

In terms of self-presentation, German fashion blogs tried the hardest to make themselves look just as the models in the fashion magazines: 100% of the pictures I sampled were of very high quality, shot by someone else or at least taken with a tripod, while the bloggers were recreating many "egdy" poses from popular magazines and models. Moreover, the most popular posings were "casual" (not really doing anything especially) and "self-confident" (arms crossed or on the hips, firm stand, direct strong glance at the camera etc.) - a pose that proved to be distinct of the German fashion blogosphere as it was basically inexistent in the Japanese and Korean pictures I sampled. Another characteristic of the German blogosphere was that of appearing very "busy" in pictures - posings that looked as if someone shot a picture by coincidence and not meant to be necessarily an "outfit" picture. Overall, the focus in Germany was very much on the "self" rather than on "fashion" (staging of the self). While the displayed gender roles were less traditional, they were very consistent in all blogs and only little variety was discovered.

        Japan: Cute yet Anonymous         

In strong contrast, the Japanese fashion bloggers presented a complete different trend: 100% of the pictures I sampled were mirror shots at home made with the smartphone that either cut off the head completely or somehow hide it (with the placement of sticker decorations on top of it or blurring the face out). This was in accordance with the overall "fear" in Japan about their security online and a high value placed on anonymity. The posing and clothes both were overall very feminine and cutesy in high similarity to most popular girl's magazines. In terms of self-presentation, Japan showed the least variety in terms of clothing styles as well as posing (more than 50% displayed cute and very feminine poses/clothing). Both countries Top 20 fashion blogospheres were 100% dominated by females. Therefore, concepts of masculinity could not be explored in this study. It is very noticeable that the main objective of Japanese fashion bloggers seems to be really the presentation of clothes/coordination of styles rather than presenting themselves as a person.

        Korea: Socially Active       

As mentioned before, the Korean fashion blogosphere fell right in the middle of both extremes. Korean fashion bloggers showed the highest variety in terms of clothing styles as well as presenting themselves. The most interesting aspect of Koran fashion bloggers were their choice of background: More than half of all pictures samples showed the blogger engaging in a social activity (being shopping, having dinner with friends, drinking coffee in a café etc.) which was in accordance with importance placed on being socially active in Korea. Although some Korean fashion bloggers chose to not display their face, they were very inconsistent about it (blurred out and clearely shown faces in the same post) which indicates that the concealing of the face is not in order to remain anonymous but rather to conceal any weird facial expressions.

         Conclusion: Weblogs as an important forum to present gender identities        

In general, it can be said that the vast possibilites of gendered presentation online is not used to its full potential. There could be found a clear standardization of the portrayed gender roles across fashion blogs in all countries. So while fashion blogs facilitate a mode of gender presentation that remains closely to the binary gender system, they also offer a rich environment resulting in multiple heterogeneous performances of gender (read: various performances of masculinity/feminity). Therefore, weblogs are an important forum for both men and women to present their gender identities in multiple ways (in accordance with van Doorn et al. 2007). Examining advertisements and depictions online can illuminate how assumptions about and understandings of the self are culturally constrained. The observed differences in the portrayal of the self relate to the way each culture understands the self. (German culture emphasizing independent from and equal to others self while Japanese culture puts less emphasize on the self and focuses on the societal value placed on shared identity. As for Korea, it can be assumed that it is currently in a transition from a shared identity towards a concept that resembles the independent self more.) The differences correspond to each countries central concepts of self an society.

.....and that was my thesis in a nutshell! Please remember that my original thesis is 100 pages long and since my topic touches so many subjects (cross-cultural concepts, weblogs, media studies, psychology, gender studies...) it is incredibly hard to give a good short version of it. If you are still reading, I hope it was of interest to you! :) 

       Bonus: The process of writing my thesis in a nutshell: A visual presentation.       

If you have any questions , please feel free to let me know. I have no problem with passing on my thesis to the ones who are interested but well.... it's in Japanese. So whoever is interested and speaks Japanese, let me know. I originally intended to also share some tips on how to write a bigass thesis without losing one's mind, but I'll save that one for another time (if anyone is even interested....?) as this post got longer than expected. Thank you anyone who has keeping me working on this with motivational messages and curious questions about my project, it has helped a lot! :)

Take care and have a great day!
Lots of love,


Monday, 22 June 2015

Summer Is Coming! Blogiversary x Zaful Floral Maxi Dress Giveaway

Hey There!

I almost completely forgot what day was today - it is actually colorcrrush's 4th blogiversary!! Although it almost doesn't count because I was barely active the first two years without any direction or general theme at all. (Not that it matters...)  I am super thrilled to host a little giveaway today in  celebration of my blog in cooperation with Zaful, a new online fashion store with lots of unique styles that are right up my alley :)

Despite it being super cold in Berlin, I cannot wait for when the summer really hits us (presumably in two weeks - my birthday is almost every year the hottest day of the year...yay. #NotASummerChild) and am already browsing for good deals online to get my summer feeling fix. Not only can you win an awesome floral chiffon maxi dress that will cover you while being super light weight at the same time but I also digged through Zaful and some other of my favorite stores to find the best summer pieces! Feel free to get inspired x

To win the dress along with some Kbeauty samples (:D), enter the rafflecopter form below. As always. the giveaway is open internationally. The dress is a size medium.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway is open until Wednesday, 1st of July.  In order to enter, you have to be a reader of this blog either by GFC/Bloglovin/ and leaving a like with Zaful on Facebook, you can earn extra entries by social media activity but that is completely optional. Make sure you leave a vaild email adress so I can contact you in case of winning - the winner will be picked at random through rafflecopter. Feel free to share this giveaway with your readers if you think they might be interested in it! Spread the love :) Good luck to everyone!

I hope you all had a great start into the week - I am into finishing touches with my master thesis that I will submit this week!! So extremely excited!

Lots of love,