Friday, 31 October 2014


Evening, everybody!

Today is Halloween! Wheeee. Unfortunately, no one in Korea cares. Like, at all. There are some Halloween parties in the "foreigner disctricts" of Itaewon and Hongdae but since I don't want to spend money and had quite a long day, I did not go. (I also don't have any costume, so.) Instead of Halloween, there was a German quiz at Korea University for the German learning students in Korea. It was quite a big event with approximately 100 guests, 40 questions, 11 teams and a big dinner with German beer afterwards (Oettinger.... cheap Bavarian beer but who will be picky when in Asia?! Any beer > Korean beer.) I had no idea about most questions and was absolutely baffled when one Korean instanly knew the name of the Korean marathon runner who did run in the Berlin Olympic Games back in 1936. At least I knew that the license plate CH belonged to Swiss and... I'm pretty sure there was some other stuff I knew. Anyways!

Although I need to save money there was of course some stuff that I just had to buy because... you know. It's getting colder and I have to prepare for death-cold winter in Seoul. I have a huge winter coat with me but not as many long shirts because it was impossible to fit into my luggage. If you ever go abroad... make sure to go in summer. It will save you so much pain in packing.
The H&M dress was a must-buy because it is just such a unique cut with the hoodie! I've seen it online and utterly fell in love and tracked it down for two months before I found it here in Korea. I love long sleeved dresses so I really could not pass on this one, I feel super cool when wearing it. The oversized coat from F21 was an impulse buy; I saw it, tried it and loved it so much that I had to get it. In my defense, I don't really have a not-yet-winter-but-already-quite-cold-coat and I also don't have any outerwear in this icy grey color which I really like and deem very chic for winter. I plan on embellishing the collar which will turn it into a pretty unique piece in my opinion :)

As for the beauty products... I did run out of my Muji Whitening Toning Water and needed a replacement. I've always liked Skinfood and their Premium Tomato toner seemed a good choice, especially since I have so much pigmentation from my outbreaks on my cheeks at the moment. I'll report back how that fares! The IOPE cushion foundation was on sale one day at Olivia Young so I HAD to get it because I have never seen it on sale before! I got it for 10,000 Won less plus a huge deal of samples. That's all I got this month because I really have to say some money for my upcoming and unexpected trip to Japan! Bonus Outfit Pic from my shopping trip in Hongdae where I got the dress and coat:

The T-shirt dress I'm wearing is the one for 5 bucks that I got at Gangnam! I am still extremely in love with this jacket, I feel it lifts every outfit automatically up and makes it more unique! Also, these boots already survived daily wear through winter in Germany and I'll count on them this year too. They are extremely comfortable and have lots buckles that you can't see here sadly.I want to post more random outfit snaps but I don't have a big mirror in my dorm.. :< Also can't wait to get a new phone as this one is.. probably.. 3 years or older which is why the camera quality isn't the greatest. It works though (which you couldn't say of my Blackberry that only made it through one year =.=") so I don't want to complain :)

Hope y'all have a happy Halloween and OMG it's November already!! (In 4 minutes here anyway.) Next month I'll go to Japan wheeee!  What kind of post do you wanna see next? Personal Korea life post, skincare review or do you wanna see something completely different for a change? Let me know! :)

Lots of love,


Thursday, 30 October 2014


Good evening everybody!

Life is a little bit hectic at the moment - lots of things happening in private life, I participate in different things and sometimes I even have to go to university. Unbelievable. But the thought that these will be my last 7 weeks of university for quite some time gives me enough motivation to pull through! So today I have a special review for you guys - the first sunscreen that I bought in Korea! :D And, to be honest, the first sunscreen that I really am using daily on my face. 
(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review, I did buy everything with my own money and this is my honest opinion, as always!)

I honestly wasn't aware for the longest time that one should wear sunscreen every day - in Germany, most people only wear sunscreen when they travel to Spain or some other country with a hot climate to lie around at the beach. But daily sun protection is so much more important because the skin is doing harm to our skin on a daily basis. Yes, even if it is super cloudy or even snowing (especially when it's snowing, most people who ski know what I'm talking about.) So girls, take this seriously - wear sunscreen everyday. Without exception. You will be rewarded with less wrinkles, less sun damage, less age spots and overall more healthy skin less prone to skin cancer.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Today, after I had a meeting with my international supporters team (I volunteered for organizing a music festival in Korea but details will follow in another post) my new amazing friend Arim did spend some quality time with me and introduced me to Paris Croissant bakery (not to be confused with Paris Baguette, the infamous chain bakery which is everywhere in Seoul... you can easily see where the names are going.) Paris Croissant is quite famous in Seoul I should learn and I soon learned why - not only did everything look extremely delicious and carefully put together, no, they also had everything.

And when I say everything, I mean, everything: Croissants in all forms from mini-size to more experimental ones with different flavours, German bread(!!!), Japanese Kurokke filled with Curry, Paninis, Brownies, Macarons, Cakes, Cupcakes.... it was not easy to chose from but luckily, Arim and me took everything we liked and shared it so that we could taste more different things. We really wanted to taste all the Halloween-themed cakes and cupcakes because they looked oh-so-amazing. Unfortunatel we couldn't eat everything :(

 That chocolate-cheese cake with little ghosts and pumpkin on top is to die for, isn't it?!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

서울패션위크: SEOUL FASHION WEEK SNEAK-PEEKS @Dongdaemun Design Park

Guess what....?! It's Fashion Week in Seoul! 

Of course I am no VIP who gets a golden invitation, especially not in South Korea... but! Dongdaemun where all the action is happening is very close to my university and I have to cross it a lot anyway so I thought I would take a short look behind the scenes. I have to say that Koreans are one of the best dressed people in general that I've encountered, closely followed by the Japanese. You can really see that most people actually think about what to wear and what to pair it with instead of just grapping something when they're in a sleepy delirium.