Friday, 21 November 2014

If Winter is Coming, let it at least be MINT.

Happy evening everybody!

Anyone remembering my Winter is Coming Haul? Yes? Uhm, truth be told, it didn't just stay there. The next day I was browsing Gmarket again (I terrible terrible and dangerous habit that I have... same with Ebay in Germany or Rakuten when I'm in Japan....) and found amazing things that I needed in my life. Like, a second winter coat although I brought my superthick winter coat from Germany (because I thought, what if winter coats would be expensive? What if I wouldn't find anything? - Yeah, I'm laughing now too...) or boots that look like UGGs but only cost 1/20th of the price? You need those things. When deadly winter hits in Seoul, you will need those things badly. No one is better at convincing me than my inner shopping self.

Unfortunately both things -coat and boots- took really long to arrive (for Korean standard at least, where most things are shipped the instant you buy it and arrive at your doorstep the next day,) and when they did... oh boy. The boots I ordered where fine let alone the fact that they shipped me two left shoes. Yepp. Thanks a bunch, very helpful. What the hell am I supposed to do with two left shoes..? How did this even happen,,? The shoes even have buckles, so you see in a second that these two don't build a pair. *sigh I'm trying to exchange it now and get a right shoe so I can wear the actual boots.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Everyday Look with Etude House Dear My Wish #BE102

....good evening everybody!

For some reason, I am always blogging in the middle of the night at the moment. Probably because no one is online in my timezone to talk to, and I don't have much to view these days sooo... online shopping and blogging it is! Today I wore one of the Dear My Wish lipsticks from Etude House for the first time and I must say I reallyyy love this shade! It's perfect for me. Not too much in your face (so that I have to be afraid looking like the joker if I'm not careful) but you def. notice that I am wearing something. I originally wanted to get #BE101 but this might be exactly my lip shade so you didn't really see any change. If I put the effort to paint my lips I want people to notice :D

So when I came home today from university I thought I'd try to take some pictures... it was already dark so not much light to play with around. I am really sorry that there hasn't been any look or make-up post in like... forever. Background: I only took my standard make-up in a small pouch with me on my Japan-Korea journey (unbelievable, right?) I also didn't really buy anything in Japan beauty-related (unbelievable, right?!) and on top of that from May on it was just super sweaty extremely hot summer so that I barely even did my make-up because it vanished into the sweat after an hour. Yeah. So. That's why you haven't really seen my face much around! Now that it's winter and now that I am venturing into Happy Korean Beauty Wonderland, we def. have to change that. So here's my "sitting in university all day long" natural look featuring my new lipstick :)

As already said, I really like this shade. It kinda makes my eye pop (or am I imagining that..?) I was sceptic of a "beige" shade but it is not really beige - I would probably describe it as a neutral-rosy shade. If that makes any sense. It does have a bit of pink and red in it. It glides on extremely smooth ( a bit too smooth for me actually it easily smudges all over your lips if you're not careful) and is not drying. It doesn't last extremely long (2-3 hours maybe?) but it fades very naturally so I don't mind as it is not high maintenance :)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Winter is Coming in Seoul [Haul]: Get all the fluffiness!

Happy frosting evening everybody,

This week was a major turning point for South Korea: It suddenly turned winter. I kept hearing stories how the weather is really warm and nice and then suddenly it turns and it will stay winter forever. I think people might have been right. We had quite nice super sunny autumn weather for about two weeks when yesterday it suddenly turned quite cold with strong winds and today we only had 3°C. THREE DEGREES. Wow. That was fast. I was not quite prepared for that. I think I need to get my winter coat (that is still sleeping in my luggage because it takes so much space) because I will need it, latest in about a week I fear.

Now the dorm I live is not the most winter-friendly. Heaters are operating at quite a random schedule and the blanket we were given for sleeping is really thin. Like really really thin. It was fine for summer but I'm sleeping with two blankets for some weeks now. The blanket I bought at Daiso is unfortunately quite thin so I will need to get a thicker one real soon (like, tomorrow I guess.) I also had cramps aaaall day long today and was longing for a hot-water bottle. I don't know about your country, but in Germany, we love hot-water bottles. My mom especially. My mom and I are both inseparable with our hot-water bottles in winter. Nothing feels better than a hot fluffy thing on top of your belly! But in Korea, this doesn't seem to be a popular concept. Like, at all. I wanted to be productive today but I couldn't concentrate with the cramps so I did some "Winter is Coming" shopping because honestly, I need it. I'm freezing here! (I am currently using my non-isolated thermo bottle as a hot-water bottle (in the literal sense).....)

I don't want to get a blanket because it will be such a pain to get back to Germany but I really need one it's so cold in the night! The hot-water bottles were not easy to find as the concept of those doesn't seem to be too popular here. I found those though, which were a steal (4500Won / 3€!) and bought the light blue one with the bunny :D Can't wait until it arrives and have a nice warm belly again.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

ETUDE HOUSE HAUL [+ Dear My Wish Lipstick Swatches]

Good evening everybody! 

So sorry for the long silence. I have been pretty busy with presentations in university and I spend the whole weekend sleeping at a friend's place. My best friend here in Korea, Susan -which I met 2 1/2 years ago in Japan- is living outside of Seoul so when I decide to visit her I will stay more or less the whole weekend. And what can I say. It was freaking amazing! I love this girl so much, we are having just the best time. We did eat lots and lots of food in Seoul before moving home and spending the night binge-watching all the new Sailor Moon Crystal episodes while being in Korean snack heaven. We also did face masks together and Susan was pretty disappointed that I use so little products in my skincare routine! I told her this is a lot, since I only used cream and cleanser before I came to Korea (unbelievable, right? What was I thinking.) and that my skin goes crazy if I suddenly use 10 products. I am slowly upping though. 

 Anyways. I'm currently on a no-buy skincare thing because Germany and Korea both decided to not pay me. Okay, that's fine with me. I can survive on my own. HOWEVER, skincare doesn't imply make-up right? RIGHT? And to be fair, I did not buy ANY make-up items in Korea with the exception of the IOPE cushion which was on sale - which automatically brings me to my next point. After a really shitty day on Friday I passed the Etude House store in my street as usual when I saw that something was different. Instead of a completely empty store (like usual) it was crowded like hell with people. And then I saw the magic words "BIG SALE. 50% OFF." And.....what can I say. We are all just weak humans. 

 This is actually the first time I bought anything Etude House related since I came to Korea - funny, thinking that I always visit their store in Harajuku. It's just that Korea has so many amazing items that I get overwhelmed and buy nothing in the end (and regret it when I get home.) However, I was eyeing the Dear My Wish lipsticks for a while so I decided to see if these were also on sale - as it turns out, everything was on sale, with at least 30% off. Even limited editions! Come on, I am not that strong of a person. The sale only lasted from Friday to Saturday so I was lucky I saw it. It's the first time I saw Etude House having any kind of bigger sale. When I went home, I instantly regretted that I didn't buy more (but I was on a non-buy, so I had good reasons.) However, the sale was really good so I convinced my super awesome friend Susan to visit the store again on Saturday! :D