We're All Mad Here - Sneak Peek At Beyond x Alice In Wonderland Collection (Launches 9/1!)
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I didn't plan on blogging today at all - however, I kicked some ass and made good progress on my thesis today and on top of that, I talked to one of my best Korean friends out there that I deeply miss and she showed me something to lighten up this gloomy, rainy day: The Korean brand Beyond is actually launching an Alice In Wonderland collection! WHAT! And everything looks just as gorgeous as you'd imagine it. While Alice in Wonderland is not my favorite Disney movie ever, the books by Lewis Carroll will always have a special place in my heart.

Source: Beyond

The collection consists of 6 different products: The Beyond Glow Cushion with a special Alice case, blushes, oil tints, eyeshadows, nail polish and hand cream in different shades and scents. I am usually not a big fan of these themed collections but I am just ALL OVER THIS COLLECTION! Especially the oil tints, ugh. I want everything, it's killing me. Couldn't this launch half a year ago when I was still living in Korea...? Oh, I kinda miss it. Who would've thought. Here are the products that will launch on September 1st with details following right below:

비욘드 엘리스 인 글로우 쿠션 기획 세트   Beyond Alice In Glow Cushion Set (+ Refill)

Comes in two shades, retails for 26,000Won

As a big fan of cushion compacts regardless of the packaging, I was immediately sold on this! I really love that the designs used for the products are all cohesive but differ a little bit from product category to product category. This is my favorite right after the oil tints!
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Summer Summary Vol. 01
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Happy Sunday everyone! Dang, I am so sorry for the silence - I am absolutely overwhelmed by the fact that I need to give in my second master thesis in 5 weeks so whenever I have time to write, I desperately need to work on my thesis instead of blogging. Which makes me really sad as I have so many cool and crazy post ideas in my draft section!! However, I don't want to publish anything half-assed so I rather don't publish anything at all. I can't wait to finish this hell of thesis writing so that I'll have time for my most favorite hobby again!

To break the silence at least a bit, I thought I give you some general favorites of mine for a change - what I loved to watch, listen and sing to and where to spend my time for the past summer months.


Source: bekleidet

When you studied as much as I did abroad, you will be losing some friends along the road. I never really thought much about it but in the past weeks, I just realized that I lost many friends. Friends who didn't contact me once now that I was settled into the new country. Friends, who made the biggest fuss about me leaving them behind and then I never heard from them again. Although I am not sad to lose these people (they don't seem to be real friends anyway), the whole situation (having fewer people to turn to) gave me a lot to think about these past weeks.


I was talking about a colleague of mine about having nothing exciting to watch - she completely hooked me on Sense8, a netflix original series that has a very unique story line about 8 strangers whose identities connect through mysterious circumstances - a plus is that the series makes full use of the lgbt community and explores gender idenities at a deeper level than most other TV formats do. Very original and lots of action after the first 2-3 slower episodes, a big favorite of mine! (Oh and, gorgeous music all the way!)


I'm a big fan of The Vampire Diaries but when Spotify played me this song I had no idea that the singer was actually one of the actors, Michael Malarkey (Enzo)! I had no idea he had such a great voice, I only recognized him when looking at the images on Youtube. Love to listen to this when sitting on my balcony at night watching the stars when I cannot fall asleep.

This is the song that I always listen to when I take the bus to my morning shifts at 4 in the morning. I absolutely love the energy this song gives me when I have to work at a time where basically 95% of the city is still sleeping. Sia has been a long favorite of mine for 10 years or so.

New In

My boyfriend moved out of his family's place when he was 19 - since then, his place hasn't changed much. Since he is no big fan of interiors, our place looked quite clinical and cold for my taste. Now that I am back and officially moved in (although I lived in his place for years already.. but now my name is on the door too!) I am making it my objective to make this a more comfortable place with furry carpets and lighter colors! So on our recent trip to Ikea I got the classic looking Hemnes bookshelf and a beige colored furry rug.

I also finally received my first ever Tosowoong haul! So far I only used the propolis essence but I do like it a lot. Can't wait to finish my COSRX AIO snail cream so that I can use the Super Aqua Cooling Gel <3


With me desperately awaiting the beginning of fall (did I mention that I am not a summer child yet..`?) I am spicing my daily latte with either pumpkin or a lot of maple syrup! I can't wait for the fall promotion to start at my workpace so I can enjoy all the autumn flavors again! Yes, I know it's still summer but I don't care for 35°C, I want my maple. Now. (I also started buying scarves... I have a problem.)


Sense8 Season 1, Episode 2 - wedding dinner, no spoilers! Usually not a fan of Indian music or Bollywood-esque things, but this scene gives me chills and a good feeling whenever I watch it. It's been my mood lifter on crappy days.

I hope I will be up to speed soon with finishing my thesis and having more time for my blog again! Thank you everyone for your supportive messages and for believing in me :) Enjoy your weekend! xx

Lots of love,


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August: Summer Favorites!
Hi There!

I'm not sure about where you live but here in Germany, August is almost unbearably hot - we're really not used to this (still way better than summer in Japan though!). Special weather circumstances always demand special attention to skincare so I'd thought I'd share my favorite things from (okay, mainly July) and August.

Already a year ago I discovered my unconditional love for Shu Uemura cleanisng oils - the green anti oxi version is my favorite so far! I love that it is very liquidy, doesn't feel heavy or greasy and is very easy to work with. The scent is barely there and leaves a fresh impression - I'm definitely purchasing a big bottle next time I'll travel to Japan.

My cousin picked up this lipstick for my birthday last month and she picked the best shade for me! This is my very first Zoeva lipstick but I'm carrying it everywhere I go. While the deep burgundy red isn't exactly a summer shade, the metallic packaging with a magnetic closing mechanism feels very high-end and the color and wear are great which made this one of my most beloved lipsticks at the speed of light.
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The Big COSRX BHA Comparison
Hi there!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a good head start into the week - I started mine by doing laps together with a friend and a huge breakfast afterwards. Was utterly exhauted but so happy yet at the same time.

As you all probably know by now, I am a huge fan of COSRX ever since I tried their A-Sol that worked its magic on my then cystic acne ridden face. Since then, I have tried the majority of what this brand has to offer and one of their most popular product line is definitely the one that caters to chemical exfoliation.

To add to the confusion that might arise when someone (still pondering of whether or not to go down that deep deep skincare nerd rabbit hole) wonders about the potential and risks of chemical exfoliation, COSRX offers three different products that all are advertised as having the chemical exfoliator BHA. I get many questions about which product does what and which one should be used for a specific skin concern so I figured it is way past time to do a comprehensive comparison review of all three products.

Chemical Exfoliation: The Magic Potions of Skincare

The still less commonly used sister of physical exfoliation is chemical exfoliation. Now, chemical sounds very harsh and unappealing at the first look – I certainly gasped a little bit when I read about it the very first time! But don’t just panic yet. As the name implies, chemicals are used in order to exfoliate the skin such as enzymes, alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA & BHA’s) and vitamin A, also known as retinol or retinoids. 

All these chemicals are usually used in low doses in order to gently exfoliate and minimize the risk of irritation. This kind of exfoliation should be used after the cleansing step of your routine. As the pH-level of your skin changes with cleansing however, it is advised to wait ~15 minutes after cleansing before using any chemical exfoliators – the skin has time to adjust its natural pH-level which is slightly acidic and the perfect environment for acids to work its magic on your skin.

AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids: AHAs are a great choice for dry skin - they all have some humectant properties (meaning they hold moisture to the skin) and are water-soluable. This means they work best on bare, clean skin and work mainly on the surface of the skin. This means, they are a great weapon of choice against wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone or texture.

BHAs or Beta Hydroxy Acids: BHAs are very different in natura than AHAs. They work by penetrating the pore, are oil-soluable and essentially "degunking" the skin. This is what makes them great for oily and acne-prone skin. They can be more drying but I personally found most AHAs more drying - your mileage may vary though.

Overall, the first product I initially tried from COSRX is still my favorite out of the bunch because it works the best for me: the Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol. It does contain quite a high amount of alcohol though, so it may not be the best option for everyone who suffers from acne; please patch test and introduce slowly the first times. For my cystic acne, it works wonders though and nothing calms my skin quite like this product.

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