Friday, 28 November 2014

Favorite Lip-Product Of The Month: Code Glökolor.

Happy evening ladies and gents!

I am currently obsessed with lip products. Why? Because lip products in Korea tend to be better than their European counterparts. For one, the range of products is HUGE. When we can decide in Europe between lipstick or gloss, you can chose between a variety of consistency and colors: lip waters, tints, milks, stick, gloss... I also find the color variation is better, I just enjoy trying out a lot of different colors! 

I was actually looking for an orange color not too long ago but couldn't decide on anything... and I also wasn't sure if orange would suit me as I have mostly cool undertones. But when I slept over at my friend's place she -out of the blue- gave me a orange-reddish lipcolor as a gift! One of her friends works for the beauty department at LG and she often comes home with all kinds of beauty goodies before they get released for real. Dream job, anyone..? The lip product she gifted me was the relatively new brand Code Glökolor Double Lip, which belongs to the LG Household company and will be the main protagonist in this review :)

Glökolor is a relatively new brand (spring 2014 as far as I could read the Korean news..) that focuses mainly on lip products - and without wanting to spoil, my favorite brand when it comes to Korean lip products so far! The image is def. a bit Northern Europe, without any frills and the name itself looks as if it could be Swedish. (Rep says the name comes from "Glow" and "Color"... not sure what the German "ö" is doing there, but okay, gonna be creative I guess.) What I love about this brand: All their products are insanely pigmented! They basically have around 8 to 10 colors in different versions: As lip tint, which has a glossy finish, lip milks, lipsticks or the double lip which I personally think is closest to being a lip pigment and dries quite matte as you can see in the picture. They range from 12,000 - 19,000 Won.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

10 Curious Facts About Korea.

Evening lovelies!

Can we please take a moment of silence for MY VERY FIRST AND VERY LAST PRESENTATION in my MA program??? I am sososo happy!! I did 17 presentations in 13 months which, thinking of it now, is pretty crazy. There was always some presentation to be worked on and prepared. Only 2 of them were conducted in German, almost all of the rest were held in Japanese. All presentations were 20-40 minutes long, needed a 2-4 pages long handout and, well... were conducted in Japanese! I am proud to say that at this point, I don't mind Japanese at all. If someone asks me can you write a report/do a presentation/talk to Japanese people I'm like "Yeah sure, when do you need it, tomorrow?" Although it was stressful my Japanese is really really good at this point. I'm not trying to brag here. I really don't. It's just, it took me YEARS of hard work to get where I am at the moment and I intend to keep it that way. Thanks to all my friends who supported me and special thanks to my boyfriend who endured being shoved away when I was having an incredible idea that I NEEDED to work on even though we planned something. I am sorry. I will make it up to you. So now, I will finally be going back to my thesis and focus all my energy on that.

On a less serious note, the longer I live in Korea, the more things I recognize. Being from Germany and a major in (mainly) Japanese Studies I do compare a lot in my head to either one or both of these two. Surprisingly, Korea is a very exciting mix of "German" and "Japanese" culture in my opinion. I love reading facts about other cultural spheres or weird observations so here is round one of curious facts about Korea!

#1 Instead of "cute" things like in Japan, most Koreans prefer "weird" accessoires and stationary 
(I got a badge with a chicken + bible verse on it from a friend.)

You've seen cute little Molang bunnies and Alice in Wonderland themed stuff on the internet? Incredibly hard to come by. This is what Korean youth loves. The weirder the better.

#2 Approximately 90% of the female population wears lipstick. Flawless lipstick.
All the time. I still haven't figured out how they do it.

Most popular seems to be orange but as long as there's color on your lips you will blend just in!

#3 Teeth hygiene is serious business.
It's impossible to go to the toilet between class breaks because the whole campus is brushing teeth there. At least the females, not so sure about the male population. I think this shocked me the most because most Japanese have quite bad teeth so I did not expect this at all here in Korea. Koreans do everything they do quite excessively, I must say.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mini Review Compilation, Round One: Peripera Eyebrow, Clio Gelpresso, Cettua Foot Mask

Good evening all together!

After moving to Korea, I bought a lot of stuff; be it skincare, make-up, nail polishes or smaller more trivial stuff - I would probably never be able to review all of them in detail and still stay somewhat in the present time and give you updates about my life etc. Also, some products are really not that exciting that they need a full post of their own. That's where the idea for Mini Review Compilation posts came from - a post with various mini reviews to still give you as many reviews as possible while trying to keep this blog exciting and concise :) Products that I absolutely love, that I made a look with etc. will still get a post of their own of course. Today's post will feature:


Friday, 21 November 2014

If Winter is Coming, let it at least be MINT.

Happy evening everybody!

Anyone remembering my Winter is Coming Haul? Yes? Uhm, truth be told, it didn't just stay there. The next day I was browsing Gmarket again (I terrible terrible and dangerous habit that I have... same with Ebay in Germany or Rakuten when I'm in Japan....) and found amazing things that I needed in my life. Like, a second winter coat although I brought my superthick winter coat from Germany (because I thought, what if winter coats would be expensive? What if I wouldn't find anything? - Yeah, I'm laughing now too...) or boots that look like UGGs but only cost 1/20th of the price? You need those things. When deadly winter hits in Seoul, you will need those things badly. No one is better at convincing me than my inner shopping self.

Unfortunately both things -coat and boots- took really long to arrive (for Korean standard at least, where most things are shipped the instant you buy it and arrive at your doorstep the next day,) and when they did... oh boy. The boots I ordered where fine let alone the fact that they shipped me two left shoes. Yepp. Thanks a bunch, very helpful. What the hell am I supposed to do with two left shoes..? How did this even happen,,? The shoes even have buckles, so you see in a second that these two don't build a pair. *sigh I'm trying to exchange it now and get a right shoe so I can wear the actual boots.