Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Korean Beauty Haul May 2015 [Jolse & Ibuybeauti]

Hey There!

When I finally got my salary three weeks later than it was supposed to come, I immediately rushed out to make it in time for the Mother's Day sale that Jolse was having! Since I am the biggest fan of COSRX, I was eagerly waiting for that sale to happen and I just couldn't miss it! It wasn't the biggest sale ever, but it was 15% off all COSRX and since I needed to buy stuff anyway (yeah, really, needed!) I dived right into. Will probably do a COSRX-only video soon if you're up for that because I realized I.. uhh... have like 12 products or something like that.

It was also my first time purchase with Ibuybeauti and I was pleasantly surprised! I really like that store because they are stocking one of my favorite make-up brands from Korea (Luna) that for some reason is still not really popular? I don't get it, their products are completely amazing and they make dupes for the Nars creamy concealer as well as the Urban Decay Naked palette! And since buying one product from Korea is not really worth it (you know, waiting time and stuff) I threw in some other gems into my cart as well. I might have gotten a little overexcited but then again, I didn't buy new stuff since I left Korea so that's pretty reasonable, right? :)

I was super happy with both stores; they shipped fast (arrived in Germany after 2 weeks, both at the same time), they marked down everything for customs and they both gave lovely and exciting samples that I also talk about in the video. Talking about the video: Damn, this video was JINXED. For some reason, I couldn't speak English that day so I had to cut out like half of it (originally it was like 18 minutes.....yeah.), the lighting changed all the time so I re-recorded it and that video was even WORSE lol. Ah, still gotta practice this whole Youtube thing. Thanks for being patient with me :) 

Hope you like this video nonetheless and please let me know which items you are most excited about and which I should review first?

I'm off to work now. Have a lovely day! 


Friday, 22 May 2015

Holy Grail Lip Product: 3 Concept Eyes Lip Laquer (#Showtime)

Hey There!

Only three more shifts at my shitty part-time job are left, yay! Today I had to work without any break. Again. Because there were not enough co-workers present. I wouldn't mind if there weren't a bazillion other things going wrong at that place... it's just cringe-worthy. A lot of small (and bigger) things adding up to each other and making it just not worth it. I can't wait to return to my old workplace next month! :) Also, I've been trying to make more time for friends but my thesis has me in a stealthy grip. I really need to finish that beast so I can return into my social circles and just have a good time without worrying about X, Y and Z of my thesis. It's slowly driving me insane.

A product that has saved my sanity a multiple times and is an absolute staple and holy grail in my make-up bag by now are the lip laquers from 3 Concept Eyes! They have received quite some love in the blogging world recently, so it was without question that I had to snatch something while I was living in Seoul - and I am so glad I did! (and regret I didn't buy more :<)

Now, I am a difficult person when it comes to lip products and there aren't that many that left me satisfied enough. My lips are very dry to begin with and to make it even worse, I am a bad picker at the dry parts of my lips (doesn't help) and I tend to lick my lips when I doesn't have a hydrating product around - makes the whole situation just worse! On top of that, I am a huge fan of vibrant colors but for the reasons mentioned above, most don't even make it 2 hours in without being smudged/swept away or drying out my lips like crazy. To find a lip product that survives this and still looks flawless is quite a challenge but I probably don't spoiler too much when I say the lip laquers perform amazing in all aspects.

With the founding of 3 Concept Eyes in 2009 by the Korean clothing platform Stylenanda a hype was born - the brand is the secret MAC of Korea with a cooler edge.  (in my opinion) They got especially popular for their lip products such as the lip laquer with is a (semi-)matte, super pigmented long-lasting liquid lipstick. 

I have always been interested in trying Kat von D or Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks but shipping from the US is just atrocious (20$ for one lipstick.. err.. no.) which is why I stormed the 3CE store in Myeongdong and had to test out those little promising tubes. Oh, was I not disappointed.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

6 Months of Skin Progress + 7 Changes That I've Made

October 2014 - April 2015

Being a bit sentimenal today; that quote is my absolute favorite quote for many many years and I write it in my calendar every time I get a new one. Facing problems rather than running away is just who I am and the base for this post. You have probably seen it already on my social media feed; but I totally forgot to post it on my blog! So in case social media isn't up your alley - here's what you missed :3 I did upload a skin progress picture a few days ago to show the progress I have made with my skin in the past half year. Honestly - I didn't think my skin had improved that much! If you look in the mirror daily, it is hard to keep track of improvements. That's why I always take pictures a few weeks apart, to be able to actually compare and see if what I'm doing is working or not. I was randomly browing old posts of  mine and was shocked to see just how bad my skin really was. I mean, I know it was really bad but since my skin has improved a lot, it was quite a shock to see myself like that. I certainly don't miss those painful times! I am hoping this post inspires anyone who is suffering from similar skin conditions and to remain always optimistic - you can do it! It might take a while and it might not be visible to you yet, but it can be done. :)

Now, I am slightly optimistic here as I still don't know what exactly caused that bad acne in me. It was very likely a combination of being stressed out, living far away from home all by myself, a new environment, water that my skin hated, air pollution and wrong skincare. Looking at the list, I can't even be mad with my skin. I am in no ways acne-free yet and I still get pimples but it is a thousand times better than when I started out about half a year ago. I remember how desperate I was to get rid of that terrible skin of mine and how it shattered a good chunk of my self-worth as I didn't exactly feel pretty. Keep on reading if you want to see my skin at its lowest point and what kind of changes I made that helped along the way. [Caution: Nasty images of cystic acne beyond this point.]

Thursday, 14 May 2015

OOTD: Feathers x Spring Pastels

Hey There!

Today is a public holiday in Germany (Ascension Day) so I have the whole day off and so does my boyfriend, yeah! We didn't really get much time to relax though because his youngest cousin had confirmation so our day started quite early at the church. I'm not even baptized, so going to church is a really strange thing for me - both my parents are as non-religious as it gets and if I had to chose a religion, it wouldn't be Christianity. They had a rock band at church though which was pretty cool! I thought I'd share today's outfit with you because I really liked it. I haven't done many outfit posts in forever because I have no one to shoot pictures - I plan on getting a tripod and remote for my Canon though, so maybe in the future?

Dress - Darling Clothes, Blazer with lace - some random store in Japan, 
Bag - Samantha Thavasa, Belt - Tally Weijl, Shoes - Deichmann