Tuesday, 21 October 2014

서울패션위크: SEOUL FASHION WEEK SNEAK-PEEKS @Dongdaemun Design Park

Guess what....?! It's Fashion Week in Seoul! 

Of course I am no VIP who gets a golden invitation, especially not in South Korea... but! Dongdaemun where all the action is happening is very close to my university and I have to cross it a lot anyway so I thought I would take a short look behind the scenes. I have to say that Koreans are one of the best dressed people in general that I've encountered, closely followed by the Japanese. You can really see that most people actually think about what to wear and what to pair it with instead of just grapping something when they're in a sleepy delirium.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Good evening everybody!

Today was a good day. I volunteered last week to work as international support on a Korean music festival and I'm so glad I did! I have so much free time I really want to experience Seoul and meet new people. The event is on the opposite end of Seoul for me... luckily I didn't look it up before applying, haha! I probably would've been too lazy but now I have to. Today we had our first preparatory meeting and it was so cool! We are 19 people from all over the world (half Koreans half rest of the world) and everyone is supernice and superfun. So happy I did this! The event is next Monday and I'll certainly post about the whole thing, I'm very excited. :)

Sorry for blurry picture.. my smartphone is old and it was super crowded.

Now after the meeting I had to change subway at Express Bus Terminal Station where the Gangnam Underground Shopping District is located. Gangnam is very far from me but some of my friends recommended it for shopping so I figured I just use the opportunity (although I have no money but hey, I'm not forever in Korea, can worry about that later.. :D") I only walked a bit around the underground shopping area because it is HUGE. In Korea, at every station there are some shops underground which are really really cheap but most of the times don't have the coolest stuff. You certainly have shopping opportunities on every single corner in Korea, so it is good to know where to really get the good stuff. As far as I could see, Gangnam is not the most cheap but they had a ton of really really great designs! Since it was Sunday it was supercrowded.. I probably go back next Monday before the concert to check it out again and hopefully it will be less crowded. That being said, you can still make huge bargains up down here! :D Here's what I got:

Monday, 13 October 2014


First of all, I got amazing feedback on my last post, it was really really popular! I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for wishing me well with my breakout and I'm glad that this post was helpful for people who also struggle with acne! I got 1400+ views on that post which is amazing! Thank you, this blog would only be half the fun without all my readers.

But now on to a more important question: WHAT THE HELL DID I DO IN SEPTEMBER?
(Be aware. Crazy amount of pictures beneath this shortcut.)

Thursday, 9 October 2014


I originally planned to show you what I was doing in Korea during September but I scheduled that back a post because today I finally tested the IOPE Air Cushion XP that I bought on a whim last week and I am so amazed I have to share it with you asap. I have read a lot of good things about the IOPE cushion and it is honestly the hottest item in Korea even today. I always see girls frantically buying this whenever there is a sale happening here at local drugstores or over at the IOPE counter. I have never seen this on sale before so when I saw my local drugstore preparing a "20% off on IOPE and Verité products" I knew I had to act and I got the cushion pact + a refill + 5 samples of cleansers and moisturizers for 32,000Won (=23€/30$) which is really cheap for two (since you get one refill). It usually retails for 40,000Won (=29€/37$) which is not bad because you only have to purchase it once and then you can refill it for 17,000Won (=12€/15$). I don't know yet how long it will last but I personally expect it to last about 2 months with more or less daily usage.

Now one reason I have not been in love with cushions yet: Most of them have a really sheer coverage. I tried the ones from Etude House and they are beyond sheer! If you have amazing skin, that's fine. I wish I could get away with that. Since I got a lot of acne marks and random breakouts I was really wary if this could provide me with enough coverage. I originally wanted to get the Verité cushion because it is supposed to have best coverage out of all cushions but that one wasn't on sale and Koreans are just crazy about the IOPE cushion so.... I was feeling brave! And it paid off.