Amuesement park with my best'ies ♥
So I went to the amuesement park on Saturday and it was pretty awesome! I was totally knocked out because I partied half the night, came back at 1 PM, slept for 3 hours and then I got up and had to go there. I slept the whole 3 hours we needed to drive there xD" Just was soo exhausted u_u But it was a lovely day... it rained the whole time we were driving there but when we arrived the rain was gone. Although it didn't matter since we drove a lot of water rollercoasters.. ^-^ Here are some photos of the weekend!
Me and my cousin Jacky while rafting
Before and after the watery things to drive :x Kinda wet experience, haha.
The whole crew; me at the left, on top is Winnie, beneath her is Jacky and on the bottom sits Stuffi.
Chairoplane! My most favourite carousel of all times! I loved it when I was a child and drove this as well :D

So I also tried my new lenses, the Eos Candy Grey and I absolutely LOVE them. Unfortunately I forgot my cam at home (currently living with my boyfriend) so I can't take any pictures of them.. but I'll upload them soon, I really want to show them. They blend so amazingly well with my eye-coulor.. I just wore them twice but still feeling so much love for these lenses :D
Some of you may know that I am currently working at Starbucks, so on Wednesday the whole Starbucks Crew will go for a BBQ in the park! This is amazing because we are up to 20 members and one can hardly see everyone. So we called another store to work for us in the evening so that we can make this BBQ altogether! I'm so excited :3 Afterwards I'll go to a concert of William Fitzsimmons. I just know some songs but a very good friend of mine invited me to come as well. Really looking forward to the next days!
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