Geo Candy Grey Circle Lense Review Coming Soon!
Yesterday, a letter from my postie arrived, that he could not find me at home and that I received my order from It was my first order from there, because I read many good things about and they were sort of the only one who owned the lens I wanted! :'D I ordered the Geo Candy Grey and I'm veryyyy excited about them! :D I'm not that much into circle lenses, because I just own a pair since a couple of weeks. I really love them, but sadly, they are too dark for me. It's the Geo Angel Grey I bought as my first lenses. ♥ I would make a review on these too, but I think that there are almost enough opinions for this lens. Unfortunately, this lens is reallyyy too dark for me as I have very light blue eyes >__< And the fact, that I don't want to change the colour drastically makes it harder to find an appropriate lens because all the blue shades are wayyy to blue, it would look very unnatural on me :x So I just want a bit enlargement and for that reason I bought the Angel Grey because I thought grey may fit me best. I really like them for their enlargement and also the colour; but you just have to take one simple look by knowing they're fake. So I was rather disappointed because on all pictures the lens just look so light! Meeh. u_u" I think maybe the Candy Grey would also look fake because of the bold black line on the outside BUT I think they seem to be very light which would please me very much! ^-^ So today I'm going to the post office and hopefully get the correct lense and in the next few days I will make a detailed review for you with photos and my personal opinion about wearing.

P.S. Today I had Japanese breakfast because my boyfriend was too lazy to get any breakfast for me so I ate the chirashi I made yesterday and had plenty of it left. Very weird feeling, eating raw fish in the morning.. but beside that fact it was very tasteful! Now I'm heading to university and then it's weekend! Today is party, tomorrow is amusement park trip and on Sunday I'm meeting a good friend of mine who went abroad but just came back for the weekend so it's gonna be fun!  ♥

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