It's cooking time!
As some people know, I am really addicted to cooking food, especially Japanese food but for me its kinda tough to achieve the original taste. It's very difficult to create a taste which resembles the real dishes you can buy everywhere in Japan. Today, I tried a very easy one - ちらしずし , commonly known as Chirashi-Zushi. It means Sushi, which is scattered around and not rolled up or something like that. A week ago, I met my very lovely friend Stefan from university and we made Chirashi at his home. It was a very good evening, and shared a lot of laughter :3 He has such a sweet, tiny appartement for he is living alone! I fell in love with his tiny living room which I thought very sweet ^-^ The Chirashi turned out rather good so I decided yesterday to redo it. Or maybe, retry it. For the first try I think it turned out rather satisfying BUT I would die I had to show some Japanese the dish I made because it looked very messy xD I also bought the picture above, because I was too lazy to make any photograph of mine (but I used the same ingredients so actually its kinda similar to the one I made. Just a bit nicer xD ). Next week, a few friends from university and I will have an "Okonomiyaki Party" on Friday, where we hopefully make some delicious food - if you want to retry the Chirashi, here is what I recommend to do:
Sushi Vinegar (put a bit of it with sugar and salt into the warm rice bowl)
Soy Sauce (if you like, e.g. for the seafood)
Your Favorite Stuff to put in; normally some seafood or vegetables, but you can put anything into you like! I, for me, really love salmon, cuke and fried eggs. I don't put more than 3 different ingredients to the rice bowl, because I can hardly finish eating this! Altough it's a light summer dish, my stomach feels really heavy afterwards! xD Oh, and I always put some sugar and salt to the egg, I like it when it tastes a bit sweet. You can also use nori or sesame or something like that but I hardly use this kind of stuff, so I don't want to buy it for just one dish in a month or so. Some people are recommending sake to put into the egg, but I had never tried though. Good luck with your Chirashi - oh and I would like to recommend also this site to you! Although it's in German, it's really easy to understand. A lovely girl from Germany explains the recipes for her beloved bento-boxes - I always enjoy having a look on her site and her delicious creations! :3

Love, Sam.

P.S. I'm going to an amusement park, I totally forgot to mention! This trip will be so much fun! We drive by car and I'm very excited of what will come out of all this~

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