Decoden-Party! ♥♥♥
Yesterday, two friends from university and I made a little "Ayumi Hamasaki" evening at Tabea's place in Potsdam. We bought a whole bunch of food (different kind of pizzas and chocolate) and watched the Countdown DVD's till the last train we had to take to get back to Berlin :'D It was such a nice day, really enjoyed laughing and hanging around with the girls ^-^

Today I received my order from Sophie and Toffee! ♥  I REALLY recommend Sophie and Toffee's store when it comes to Decoden Stuff. They definitely have tons and tons of nice stuff and the price is really affordable. They also have some special discount things sometimes, so they let you 10, 15 or 20% off your order. Shipping takes mostly 2 - 3 weeks from Singapore to Germany which is normal. I bought so many stuff there and the team is also very nice - I sometimes encountered problems with the money sending from PayPal and they kindly offered me their help. It's my favourite Decoden online store so far, I'll definitely continue buying my good there. So here is what I got this time:

I have so many Decoden sweets, I could make a home out of it.. but I never get tired of such things :3

I definitely HAD to buy these kitties because they're so awesome cute!

My first roses I purchased.. I want to change my mobile phone into a Hime one <:

Fuwa Fuwa Mousse 90g in Blue with two tips
I'm especially curious about the Fuwa Fuwa Mousse.... I never used it until now. I used "Decollage" instead.. it's a very good whipped cream BUT it's seriously expensive. (about 20$ I guess..) So I used some silicone from the local crafts store instead :D This also works but the normal silicone is very soft and things fell up easily. It's also such a mess if you want to change the colour of the silicone because it's so sticky T_T I bought this blue one because 1) it was on discount for 8$ or something like that and 2) I wanted to decorate the mobile phone from my mom, because she has a turquoise phone :3 My mobile phone looks like this at the moment:

This was my first Decoden try so it's not as good as it could be.. but I'm pretty satisfied with that. It's now half a year since I decorated it and just 3 rhinestones fell up which is pretty good (because I always smash around my phone by accident u_u"") I also made up my headphones because I'm just so mad about Decoden since I first visited Japan ^-^ I'll show you more another time if you're interested... now I'm heading for shopping and afterwards visiting a good friend of mine, helping preparing a little party.. really looking forward to it! Enjoy your weekend! :3

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