Soba Noodles with Tempura-Topping

If you wanna read my review on the Eos Candy Grey Lenses, please click right here! (or see below.) Today I really aimed for getting anything done for university but.... honestly, I ended up editing this blog, the design and the header T_T The header took so much time because I'm at my bf's and he does not own ps or something similar so I had to use a crappy web prog.. uwah~ I wanted to translate at least a bit for my Japanese Childhood Seminar but I
The "Oh-my-god-so-yummy-I-could-die"-Okonomiyaki
Yakisoba which I really wanna give a try!
ended up translating... two little sentences. I could hurt myself! When I thought about learning I get reallyyy hungry and made some soba noodles. Do you know them? They are buck wheat noodles from Japan. In summer, they are eaten cold with a sauce called "tsuyu". I recently fell in love with this because it's just so easy and done in no more than 3 minutes! ^-^ Now it's 2 AM so maybe I may not eat soba noodles but... I WAS STARVING! ;_; My stomach hurt so much I could not resist...anyhow, it's better to eat soba rather than chocolate or something.. mah, I'm just trying to convince myself u_u (but I can't sleep if I'm hungry.. it really is a vicious circle u_u") Tomorrow, I will try to make Yakisoba.. have you ever eaten it? I don't have but I wanted for a long time so.. now I have lots soba at home, I'll give it a try. Cooking Japanese food really is a passion of mine ♥ At Friday I made Okonomiyaki for the first time and it was just so delicious, I really wondered how I could have done this xD I will include some photos tomorrow, when I'm back at home... I also have lots to tell: about my birthday party, some things to review and many other things. But, for today I have to take a nap.. and hopefully university stuff will be done today/tomorrow. I'm so desperate because of the exams on Friday and Tuesday.. ;________;

 So continuing with another theme... as some of you may know, I am working at Starbucks since April this year. The job is really stressing, because I'm working at the main station here in Berlin and it's everyday full! Besides that we open at 4:30 AM so the times to work are reallyyy hard if you're on bad luck. Today, I went to my supervisor and had to tell, that I have to quit the job because I'm going to Japan in September for a year. I really was sad because I love the team and the people working there! It's very nice working though and it was kinda hard for me to let them go because I'm still a "newbie" and it's always dumb if you're going when you just fitted into the group, you know? But this is how it goes.. and when I return to Germany next year I also can return to Starbucks they told me. It was so sweet that everyone said, that they were'nt mad at me - just the other way around: they were really happy that I grab the chance and go. So heartbreaking for me to go ;_; And my supervisor also wanna give me lots of extra-work because of the holiday I planned (Spain in August with my bf ♥) and also so that I can spend lots of money when living in Japan.. yokatta xD"

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