New Haircut?! & Norwegian Wood Experience ♥

I am desperate because I'm thinking the last few days if I should cut my hair. I cut it in March but it did not look that good at that time.. the colour was too dark and my fringe looked really messy. So I let it grow and grow and grow... and now my hair lost its shape u_u" My fringe was crooked and now I just do it to the side when drying it... and I'm not quite sure if I should let it grow out completely or not. This is was my hair looked like a few weeks ago: CLICK ME BECAUSE I'M FAMOUS. The fringe is almost grown out now.. I found this picture of Kyary Pamyupamyu along on the internet and fell in love with her fringe! But I doubt if this would suit me? What do you girls think? (Hair is always a really hot theme for me, my hair is so precious to myself xDD) My hair is usually kinda straight, but it looks that wave-ish like on the picture when I let them dry onto the air :x I also want lighter hair but I'm moving to Japan in Septembre and I dont want to have it coloured every single month (because my hair grows fast. Really fast.) I think I wanna keep the length, though. :3

On Friday after university I watched Norwegian Wood (in Germany it's called "Naokos Laecheln" which means "the smile of Naoko") in Japanese (with subtitles). I was really shocked that the film was so intense!! The atmosphere was like WOAH :3 There were many not that usual camera angles and I was so happy to see that a lot of people were hard thinking about how to compose this film. A masterpiece! You should watch it, if you can (in Japanese because it's better for the film's atmosphere I think ) I read the book - honestly I've read almost every book of Murakami Haruki - but this was the book I liked the fewest out of all of his books! But I adore the film it was really close to the book and even better. Please watch it, if you can! (:

"I want you to always remember that I stayed by your side at this very moment. You promise?"  "I promise. I will always remember."

Update July, 11th: Tomorrow is my Japanese exam, the last language exam I have to take part in university.. I was pretty sure the last days but now, an evening before the exam, it feels as if there is nothing in my head and I am afraiiiiiiiiiiid. Uwah. Sniff, sniff.

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