Fake Bob + Hokusai Retrospektive (北済の展示会)
Yesterday night I thought hard about letting cut my hair... I was so desperate about this thought that I tried to fake a bob. Unfortunately I just had 3 bobby pins so it turned out really messy =.=" Would also look better if I had bangs I guess..I also would have to style my hair everyday straight or rounded around the chin so that a bob really looks good and I think I'll be too lazy do to that.

Also, I'm really afraid to cut my hair because it took me 3 - 4 years for my length! (not that far away from my navel at the moment). Maybe I should enjoy my long hair more. But, I always think that shortened hair looks more like a cut and long hair mostly good by chance o.O I don't know what I should do.. what do you think? Appreciate help from everyone! :3
My 5-minutes-I'm-in-such--hurry-make-up >.< It was after midnight though xD
The top I'm wearing is actually I scarf my mom bought for me at the afternoon! She also bought me a cute military-like poncho so that I don't feel cold when in Japan XD When speaking of Japan: Today I got mail that my VISA arrived at my university! I'll take it tomorrow and then going straight to the embassy an Thursday! :D There's no much time left..

Yesterday I went to the Hokusai Retrospective in Berlin! It is the greatest exhibiton of the world when it comes to Hakusai's works. Do you know them or him? Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾 北斎) was a Japanese artist, ukyo-e and printmaker of the Edo period. Born in Edo (now Tokyo), Hokusai is best known as author of the woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (富嶽三十六景 Fugaku Sanjūroku-kei?, c. 1831) which includes the internationally recognized print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, created during the 1820s.

You surely know the picture with the wave. I was so surprised that it belongs to the Fuji series! I never saw the Fuji in that picture but yesterday it was there! Really really surprised me. The exhibition itself was really exciting with more than 400 sketches, prints and so on. He surely was a genius and drawed everything, from landscapes to animal, scary buddhistish prints and even a detailed map of whole China! I really enjoyed it being there with my best friend from university! (^___^) If you're in Berlin you should visit! 6€ with a student ID card is not that expensive either (:

With my loveydovey Susann! She's my bestie from university, I love her! <3

Ugly faces with Susann and Pachi! Pachi will be my roommate in Japan!

Poster at the entrance.. we were not allowed to make photos during the exhibition though u_u""

All my best mates from university! They all study Japanese Studies with me, except the blonde girl on the left. She studied but now went to Nizza for Arts. The boy left to me is Stefan, he'll also go with me to Japan (: Think this is a creepy shot though because everyone looks so... terrible? haha.
So I'm pretty busy that week, caring for my Visa, going to the embassy, working until 11 PM everyday and wanna do something with my girls the entire weekend! Will update at least on Sunday I guess. Have a nice week you all and enjoy your days. :3
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