Today I tried to hide my already grown out bangs under a headband :x Unfortunately I didn't realize that it went too far high on my forehead so I guess it looks a bit stupid... have to check before making pictures next time! I'm SO looking forward to go to the hairdresser because it's half a year now O_O Normally I went every 1-2 months but due to the fact that I have to save money for my Japan stay starting in September I just let it grow. But in 2 weeks, right before leaving, I'll go and wanna have a drastic change! Though I'm not couraged enough to cut my hair off because I love my length. Let it grow for 3 years which was a horrible time, I didn't like my hair at all at this time -_-  (Really like short bob but I hate the status inbetween when your hair isn't short or long..)

Also have to buy some better lenses I guess. First I really liked the EOS Candy Grey but the longer I wear them the more I feel that they don't suit me that much. Also thinking that they look way better in nature than on any pictures. Heading for "more natural" lenses without that thick bold line around! (:

Today I worked whole day long.. had to get off at 5:45 AM which was waaaay too late because I didn't sleep all night long..working was really exhausting today. But we made some cute little figures out of our Starbucks cups, straws and sleeves :'D Wish I made a photo because it was so much fun ^-^
I also found something I just HAVE to lay my hands on when getting to Japan... which is this new fall collection bag!

I don't have any Liz Lisa items yet (and I'm not that much into this brand I have to admit) but I think this bag is supercute! Though I'm very afraid of the price.. u__u" Still don't know if I should get it in pink or light brown? Light brown would be way easier to take care of and also more suitable with most of my clothes... but when coming to cute bags, I think pink would definitely be the most cute one! :D Mah so many things to decide, haha xD Tomorrow I'm meeting with a good friend of my former school. She went away for study so I'm glad to meet her before going to Japan. Also have to start preparations for my "Goodbye Party" which I'll hold on Friday with most of my friends at my place.
Everyone, please enjoy your week! Have to get some sleep now.

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