My perfect everyday lenses!
I was really excited when my package from Angelic Rain arrived... just one week after I made the order?! Usually it takes 2 up to 3 weeks when I order something online that is shipped internationally and not from Germany.. but this shipment was so fast! ^_^
I wanted to make a review about the GEO Nudy Golden Blue I got, BUT! While making photos my cam crashed because I forgot that it was on really low power =_= So now I'm even not able to upload the photos I recently made because my cam says: "No! I'm exhausted. I'm sleeping now and dare you wake me up until the next day!" Gnaa. I think I found my perfect everyday lenses because the color matches perfectly with my natural eye color?! This was such a great surprise because all other lenses I own looked extremely artificial on me. But these not, these look oh-my-god-I-love-them! :3

So I'll post the review tomorrow when I loaded my cam at home [I'm at my boyfriend's now.] I'll also include the pictures we made at our PYJAMA PARTY yesterday with all my loveydoveys. Hope you all enjoy your weekend! (:
P.S. At the Pyjama Party we watched Toy Story 3 in the middle of the night [or precisely: morning] and I swear this was the best part ever when Buzz Lightyear danced somehow like.. a crab? xD

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