The last days, my situation at home got worse and worse at worse. I live at home with my mom and her wife (yes, yes!) but I'm not that often at home because I mostly go to work/university and sleep at my boyfriend's home. The last days I was at home and realized that my mom was superaggressive all the time. No matter what I talked about she suddenly yelled at me. She was always a person who gets furious very easily (due to her zodiac I guess xD) but she also calmes down very fast. But this time, she is just angry all the time. I thought it was because of her menopause (because she got more angry since that period starts) but now it is really unbeareable. I'm afraid she'll yell at me even if I said "hello". o.o

But yesterday I realized what was her real intention, and why she is so mad and angry and furious all the time: it is connected with my leavíng for Japan next Thursday. She ís mad because her only kid will be far far away from her because she never experienced that (I'm her only child and we were separated for 2 weeks at maximum the last 22 years, haha.) You guys should know that my mom is more a lion than a mother: she protects her child no matter what. She really really cares for me and does things other mom's wouldn't do perhaps. (She even makes a meal for me when I come home from work by midnight! Or she buys the newest beauty stuff just because she knows I'll wanna have it.)

So thats why I have to say I'm honestly sad about the fact that I am the one making her so mad. I don't want her to worry that much but I guess there is nothing I could do about. It's a shame to see her so sad. I know that it's the hardest thing for her to leave her little baby behind.  I don't know but I wouldn't expect to be so hard for her, I don't know. It makes sense now but my mom is very strong so I didn't expect her being that mad about the fact. But nevertheless I'm very happy to be loved so much for my family - I really should be graceful. And write many many letters to her when I'm abroad for that year.

♥ (Just needed to tell someone, hoping you all don't bother..)

Found them last night. Fell in love with this song.


  1. your mom is the sweetest, I can understand why she's so mad but I hope she doesn't hurt your feelings too coz that would be unnecessary. I guess she can't complain coz all mothers know very well that a day will come their children will decide for themselves and choose path of their life.

  2. Aww you have such a sweet mom, i think my mom would be the same too about leaving her, because i'm also the only child in the house, haha! she wants me to live with her till i'm 30 lol. But yeahh i think its still hard to believe for a mom that their children will be having their own lives in another place someday. And OMG your going to JAPAN? ;o you aree sooo lucky > < i wanna goo tooo ;o

  3. aww, your mom is same like my parent, they always been soo worried every time I go away from home, even though just for 2-3 days. -.-
    btw, I can't wait to see your post in Japan!

    I suggest, don't use the lens again dear except just for make up play, because I'm afraid your eyes will get irritated >.<

  4. Ahaha- sounds like all of our moms are the same. <33 Mine doesn't show how much she misses me with aggression, but with introspective words. She'll mention things we always do together, like watch certain shows, or go to certain restaurants. ; _ ; It makes me feel so awful about living at school away from home.

    Hm... I would suggest perhaps trying to spend some time with her before you go, but it seems that hasn't been going too well lately. >.>

    Hope your mummy cheers up a bit before you leave. <33 Same wish for you. :3


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