Going crazy for fake lashes in Japan.
So it's me again, awake from the dead. I endure hard times here in Japan because I study all day. I can even feel my improvement which is great I consider. Everything they give us in the university is a bit too much to do everything on 100% but I think I can handle it. I just got back a test with 96 / 100 for reading and comprehension and 85 / 100 for grammar (which I thought I failed so bad.. structures I never saw before). But, beside my whole study-to-death-thing I find time to shop and spend some money around the town! :D

When we went into the 100-Yen.Store recently I just had to buy and try out the fake lashes they had. I mean its 100 Yen (1$? Don't know the exact exchange rate by now..) for a pair and they looked quite nice made. So the lashes I got were the criss-cross type from Daiso Japan.

Already forgot to take a photo by myself.. (u__u"")  Picture belongs to Eki, see the review for these lashes here!

I have to say that I was amazed of the quality of these lashes! I mean I did not expect anything amazing from lashes which are sold for 100 Yen, but these do really well. I fell in love with the glue. I have to admit that the glues in Germany are shit. Really shit. They melt together with your lash and it's not possible to "clean" your lashes and use again. I once asked dear little Yapo how to remove glue from the lashes and she was kinda confused about the question.... whiping off of course. I now recognized that this is quite possible with any non-german eyelash glue, it's really a shame.

So the glue is white but turning into clear after a minute of waiting. It holds on all day, I wore these lashes whole university day until I fell asleep. You can easily whipe off the glue if you use some kind of make-up remover. After that the glue is a bit jelly-like and can be torn off. I really like these lashes because they look natural although they are crisscross. I wear them everyday for university up to this point! ^-^

Torn off at the beginning because I failed at applying the first time I used the glue.. u.u" And was too lazy to reshoot the last days :x

Do you have any special lashes you love until now? I also wondered what lash glue you use. I thought about getting the Dolly Wink Lash Glue but I'm not convinced of the qualities products yet. Personally I think that all Dolly Wink products are far too overpriced and just not worth it. Until now I went for the Diamond Lashes which are way more cheaper and satisfied with this decision! But I'm not sure if I can stand to not buy a single pair of these so-much-hyped lashes until I'm in Japan... maybe I'll regret it. Maybe.

I also wanted to give my circle lenses a last try. I made very bad experiences with most of my lenses but I would go for a last pair to try. Maybe won't looking like an alien. I liked my previous lenses Geo Nudy Golden Blue sososo much but they were way too uncomfy. Any good lenses which I should give a try?

I have so much more to share but I fear I'm too tired... it's 3 AM and I have to go to university in a few hours and talking about Japans ancient system of economy. It's not the type of lesson you want to have in the morning (or anytime), I swear.
Good night and thanks for stopping by! 

P.S. What I'm using on a daily basis are these Diamond Lower Lashes ("Lovely Eye") I mentioned before! I love them although they look a bit artificial... but. Truly. I don't mind. I'm in an artificial mood sometimes.


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