Heading for Kamakura.
Finally I made my way to Kamakura! I always wanted to visit this town and the surroundings. I'm very sorry for the lack of updates since I came to Japan; but I'm superbusy with my current life here. I just have 10 months so I need to hurry to make the best out of it °(^ww^)° I finally was able to switch the Japanese language course. I'm now into Course 2 which is tough. But it fulfills all my needs; I learn a lot of vocabulary (at least has to) and for the reason that it's the upper class we're reading newspaper articles, seeing news at television and discussing about Japanese politics, economy and so on. It's a hard task but I can feel my Japanese improving from day to day. Since I came here my speaking ability got better a lot! I don't have to think a long time before saying a word; it just flows. I like watching it improving, it's such a satisfying feeling (:

But; onto Kamakura  ! We went there together with our teacher from Germany who was here for two weeks to guide us and leave some advice. We started with a walk through the woods and hills of Kamakura, visiting a sweet little temple in the forest and finally headed for the Daibutsu; the Great Buddha. It was a thrilling experience and at least some culture between all the Purikura and glittery stuff which currently surrounding me here everyday. Have to study now but leaving some photographical expressions from that day for you.

Beginning of our walking tour.

You were supposed to wash your money here with water so that you never run out of money. I personally was afraid that the water will kill my money :x

Great Buddha and Me :D

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

Together with the other exchange students from Germany; my roommate Pam (middle) and Stefan.

Sea at Kamakura beach.

My roommate's drawing :D

O-mikuji are a kind of temple oracle which tells you about various kind of facts in the future. Our teacher bought one for everyone. You were supposed to leave them at the temple as shown here, so the great spirits will take care of your future (:

We shared some Gyoza after the walking tour..

...and also some other dishes. It was superyummy and very cheap place where we went.
So this was Kamakura! Hope you enjoyed the photos, was a great day. Will share my first karaoke-experience with you... also got some embarassing vid me singing (love singing so much but my voice is terrible by nature u___u""") Also plan to get a mobile phone this weekend! Take care all of you and have a nice week
♥ ♥


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