Japanese language worries and.... other worries.
I'm living in Japan for nearly 3 weeks now and had a supergreat time by now ♥ Unfortunately I was misplaced in the wrong language course. We had a placement test soon as we entered tha Japanese University and I kind of failed the test because the quality of the listening part was SHIT and the whole test was super unbalanced. There was just supereasy and superhard but nothing in between. So I was placed into the intermediate class which would be fine if the class would be more challenging. I know most of the items we study there so I asked my teacher after a week of disappointment if I couldn't be upgraded (like in the airplanes with more space and better food, you know :D) Surprisingly it was not great a deal and today was my first day in the new class. I'm in class 2 out of 8 (8 is the lowest) so it is pretty challenging but I like and definitely need that!! I wanna become an interpreter when returning to my homecountry. The second class is mostly about political themes and therefore supergood for the goal I wanna achieve. Let's see how far I can reach °(^_^)°

My roommate and I; she is such a cute caring person ^-^ (although she may look a bit scary :'D)
Another topic which worried me is the fact that I'm in an urgend need of a mobile phone!! Mine won't work here so I have to buy a Japanese phone to do all that mail stuff and so on which is so common here. Unfortunately it is supersuperdifficult to get a mobile phone here as a foreigner when you aren't staying longer than 2 years =______="" I wanted a special phone but it would cost me 500€ for the phone, 100€ the contract, 100€ for breaking the contract and another 30€ for unlocking it for Germany. I could afford if if I wanted because I saved money from my work at Starbucks but I don't wanna spend more than 700€ on a mobile phone?! I could even buy me a whole new computer or an Ipad or I don't know what. So I will getting a normal cheapy prepaid phone like everyone on my university.. which is okay, I'll pimp it anyway!! But I'm kind of sad because the phone hat such a great camera inside.. a fusion of camera and phone... oh I wanted it so bad.. (;____;)

Have to say that I totally adopted to the life in my dormitory. I met some awesome people and made friends with nearly all the Korean girls (because they life all in the rooms next to ours) and to some Italien people, they are so funny! We made Okonomiyaki together at Sunday which was great. On Saturday, my roommate and I finally went shopping at Harajuku and Shibuya!! We were craving for shopping for so long... I bought a lot of stuff. Were pretty happy about the outcome. In the evening we met some Japanese friends who were in Berlin before and just sat, drank beer and chatted about recent stuff happened ♥

Crepe at Harajuku which is a must-have.. I fell in love with these last year in Toyko ;_;

This is...Meganeko!! (Megane = Glasses, Neko = Cat). This is my pencil case, I'm so in love with it. Its superfluffy <3

Stuff I bought at the 100-Yen-Shop at Machida with 5 floors! Altgether was just 13€!! Still can't believe that. We have such shops in Europe too but they just have crap there. Here you get nice items for a supernice price. I bought everything "useful" such as writing paper (I love writing letters!), stickers, fluffy socks, vocabulary cards, fake lashes and and and.....

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