Finally new blog layout!
The last time I was really not in the mood for blogging because I was super pissed and annoyed of my own boring layout. Because I'm supertired today (got up at 5 in the morning and came back 4 in the evening) I could only handle to do something simple. Somehow I like it though; still need to figure out some stuff. Can you see the design properly or is anything odd? Because everytime I save it there appears a white screen only. I can see the changes but still not sure if everything is working like it should do.

Promise to blog more tomorrow I just need to sleep [although I should learn for my big evaluation tomorrow morning...tak.] Look forward to my second trip to Hakone and Yokohama // China Town today!

P.S. Thanks everyone for being there; last time I wasn't in a good mood. Always appreciating your support and words. <3

- Sam

P.P.S. I just realized that there's no possibility to leave a comment here! I have no idea how to fix it, browsed a lot... try to fix it tomorrow. Fear I have to go bacl to the common blogger layouts....
oh, hello there. i'm yasuhiro mochizuki and i'm the cool kid who made this layout. i'd rather you not attempt to take this code and alter it or take this code, strip it down, and use it as a base code. if you really need a base code that badly, feel free to send me an email with what type of base code you need and we can talk about it. that said, i can't take credit for absolutely everything here. so here are all the dope resources i used here: all of the fonts used in this layout can be credited to google fonts save for calibri, which is a system font. the social media sidebar links were created using an icon font from we ♡ icon fonts. most scripts used can be found through a good google search, except for the script that gives the page it's tabs; i don't remember whether i hand coded that or if i found it through another blogger. if you're privy, you can find me predominantly on twitter and occasionally on my blog. toodles!