Today I visited Hakone for the first time in my life! Unfortunately not for an Onsen-trip... ('__')" I would so love to go to an Onsen a weekend or so... has to be soooo chilly. There's still time, though. So today all exchange students together made a trip to Hakone with some of our teachers! Class 2, 3 and 4 went together, so I had all my loveydoveys right with me. Because I don't have time that much time to blog I cut on words today and let the photos do the talking!

 Station 1
Open-Air-Museum Hakone

Station 2
Some volcano-sulfate-thingy

 Station 3
Quartier from the Edo-time (1603 - 1868) and NGE lake

This lake was the basis for the Evangelion-anime! NERV-basis is right under.. xD (Bus man told us so.)

Was a very exciting and relaxing day... we went by bus so we didn't have to rush between the overloaded Japanese trains. Ate a lot, walked a lot and the viewing in Hakone is fascinating! Weather was very bad for photographing though... hope you don't mind. (: University "starts" tomorrow (didn't have lessons last week but had to work the whole week for university.... but got paid, so it's OK ^_^) and they want us to do everything at once... kinda busy now. Argh. University business in Germany was better although I learn a LOT here. Made another entrance but set it on hold because I was lacking on images...but updating soon, I swear! Hope you enjoyed my Hakone experience, rushing to bed now. (:


  1. Oh you have to go for an Onsen trip. They're so awesome! Also wenn du die Zeit hast, dann tu es auf jeden Fall. Lohnt sich immer. Aber ansonsten ist Hakone auch sehr schön. War zwar selber noch nicht da, aber würd nur alzu gerne ._.

  2. wow this looks really like a nice and beautiful place to hang around <3


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