Yokohama; 2nd Try.
Yesterday I originally wanted to post both pictures about Hakone and Yokohama buuuuut in both dorms, the men and women dorms, the internet connection crashed. I was lucky that my half-finished post could be posted so otherwise I would've to type it again x__x" But that wasn't the case so today I just show you the very few pictures I made when strolling around Yokohama - Chinatown.

In the bus heading for Hiratsuka at 6 o'clock in the morning. I hate these buses because there are 5 different types and they drive 5 different routes but all ending in Hiratsuka. I always think I caught the wrong bus because the route never is the same! (°_°)"

One of the entrances to Chinatown. Because it was a monday in the morning it was less crowded as usual.

Entrance of a buddhist shrine. My friend couldn't give me information in detail about it *sob*

I LOVE lampions. <3

Pandastore on the 1st and Hello Kitty store on the 2nd floor.  I just bought a present for a friend of mine. They have everything you can imagine about pandas: pouches, pens, t-shirts, pillboxes...

Of course...Purikura. They're a must-do for me when spending a good time with friends. (:

Whole body part of the purikura. Unfortunately I'm always looking retarded with my Japanese friends because they are so small!! The huge difference looks always weird in these pictures xD (So I try to compensate it like.. in the 3rd picture xD)

Plushies I  caught in the game center! Sentimental circus and christmas cookie Micky Mouse. (My teacher wouldn't believe it to be Micky... she even said Micky never has trousers on?! WTF? Micky is NOT naked!! xD )
My lessons just ended but I'm heading back to the campus now because I'll eat go-round-sushi (kaiten sushi) and do some Karaoke afterwards in a town nearby with my roommate Pachi and a Korean friend of ours who's called Susan. She's a crazy bitch, that's why we love her <3  

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