Decoden again ★
One day, when I was really really honest about how much I had to learn for my upcoming finals, it knocked on the door and my purchase from Singapore flew in, drove me on the head and made me insane again. The truth is, since I bought my iPod Touch three weeks ago I was really unhappy because I couldn't find any cute appropriate case for it.... whole Japan is full of adorable iPhone cases but nobody cares for the iPod unfortunately =__= So after being extremely unhappy about my anti-scratch boring clear case I decided to get back into decoden again. My stuff in Germany is all made of Decoden like my mobile phone, my usual head phones etc. Because Decoden is also not so extremely wide spread in Japan (although people might think it is) I ordered all my crafts from Singapore. The stuff I found in Japan was of a real low quality and therefore extremely expensive (like 10€ for 5 little poor looking muffins). Soooo I mailed my alltime favorite SOPHIE AND TOFFEE (I cannot recommend them often enough!) to get the stuff. This was the first time I ordered from them while being in Japan and not in Germany and guess what? I mistook the shipping options because I thought the "rest of Asia" shipping includes Japan. Dumb Sam. Of course not! How can I think Japan belongs to Asia? XD I don't know why but Japan is always excluded so you'll need worldwide shipping -_-"" BUT! Ayu from the shop mailed me saying that I made a mistake but she'll send it to me anyways, but I should be aware of that the next time I'll shop. So she charged me the cheaper price which I found incredibly nice of her (: They had a special Thanksgiving disount 25% off everything which lead to even bigger desire to get xD" In the end, I bought 200 pearls and about 15 thingies and it was only 13$. Think I'd pay double in Japan. Here's the result of not-doing-homework-but-glueing-3-hours-instead:

Wasn't as easy as I thought to get a case which has also some space on the front instead of only the back..

The little Skull is my favorite, the size is perfect :D

I found it very difficult to get pictures of the case, I think it looks way cooler in reality U_U" I used a glue I found in a Japanese blingblingwehaveabitofeverything store at Machida 109; was sticky and took about half an hour to dry which I found good if making mistakes. Used it for a week now and nothing fell of so until now I'm very satisfied (^v^)/  I'm off now chatting with my boyfriend who just woke up (6AM in Germany) and leave you an actual picture of me before leaving for Machida again <: See you guys!

Fuckin' proud of the fringe, I cut it myself!! :D (Usually more a failure than...)


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