My private jealousy.

Last time I made an up-do with my hair I wasn't able to pull it down anymore as seen above. I used so much hairspray that they denied to get back to their natural form xD So I had to brush all out otherwise they refuse to look like hair again :D Today was the last day of our schoolfestival which we had to attend so most of my weekend is just gone. My rommmate Pachi and I have plans to get to Machida tomorrow (halfway Tokyo; half the time, half the price!) to buy some stuff. We are FREEZING every single day because our dormitory is incredibly old (my teacher in Germany lived here also since her study period) and, because we have a veranda, which is great on one side, one wall just contains of glass and that Japanese slide doors which are not made to hide cold getting inside. So I def. need some warm stuff like more of these plush socks, at least one warm sweater and optionally a thick knit scarf. Hope I'll succeed and don't buy beautiful but useless against cold days stuff like the other times @_@ (but it's so unfair there is SO MUCH nice stuff here and the Japanese girls seem to have really no feeling for coldness. They never change their way of styling. They wear warm caps on the hottest days in summer and mini-skirts without thights in January. It's insane. I hate them for that because in winter I usually look like a marshmellow.!

On my need-to-get-list:

Have some of these scarves back home in Germany and regret that I didn't take any with me =_="

So lovely. Reminds me of little red riding hood.. sweet ribbon detail on the back (:

BTW, all these pictures are from the online shop Mexy. I didn't buy anything yet but maybe I will... its said they're clothes are good quality and they have free worldwide shipping until tomorrow, December 4th.
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