Finally, writing about my roommate's and my shopping trip in Tokyo exactly a week ago concerning Fukubukuro :D Widely known as lucky bags you can buy those bags in all price ranges - from a few yen up to millions. Most widespread are these ranging from 10 to 200€ I'd say. Really every shop in Tokyo has such lucky bags; beginning from drug stores and pastries ending with lucky bags from Apple or Tiffany's (which I weren't able to afford :P)

So Pachi and I woke up really early, at 4:00 AM because we heard and read that these lucky bags are super popular and will be sold out like immediately. Because she wanted a fukubukuro from Glad News in vain we prepared to leave off very early this day. First we wanted to go straight to Shibuya 109 but browsing through some random Youtube vids, our excitment dropped when we saw how awfully crowded it is there o_o 

So we decided to go to Machida 109 instead first, which is a "copy" / belongs to the same "chain" as Shibuya 109 and they also have a Glad News store there so that was totally fine. Plus, it's only half the way to Tokyo from where we live. We arrived at 6:30 AM and it was cold like hell outside, wind was blowing from all directions X_X We were very lucky; as soon as we lined up (the line was crossing three chrossroads in Machida and a guy with a huge sign waited at the end XD This is hilarious for Germans like us because in Germany, well... everybody would try to survive and fight their way into the department store.) they opened the store, at 7:00 AM They let the people enter in groups so that it won't be THAT crowded. Because of our discipline to wake up fuckin' early we had to wait only 30 minutes (in which we literally DIED due to the coldness..)  While standing in line the D.I.A.-store sold out in about 15 minutes although it was the store with most fukubukuro (300). I'm not interested in that brand so I didn't care but some girls behind me died because of that XD" Poor girls, I would've been so disappointed if they sold out from my favorite store.

Funny thing; we didn't need to get up that early because literally nobody had intereset in the fukubukuro from Glad News xD 4 days after the sale began, they had still plenty of them... but yea, we didn't know that so we were lucky to grab some. Additonally, we browsed Machida 109 and then Harajuku, Shibuya 109, Harajuku La Foret and Shinjuku Marui One and due to the fact that we were up so early it wasn't crowded at all and reallly nice to shop. When we returned home at 3 PM it was nearly not possible to take a single step in Shibuya! It was awful, so I was glad we woke up so early to shop, haha. Here's what I bought:

Gets! Fukubukuro from f magic (charakter goods), CRYX and Peace Now and some buys from Medi Store (Piercings) and Glad News
First fukubukuro: CRYX. I don't know if this brand is popular, I have a jumper from them which I really like... the bag was only 4000 Yen so I decided to buy and wouldn't regret it! Inside was a black military coat, a black trouser-thingy, I really don't have any idea how that's called in English (doubting we have a word in German?), a t-shirt with lace arms and a brown belt. Really liked it; because it was cheap, I LOVE the coat and everything's good quality.

Second fukuburo: Peace Now. I never had anything from their store because it's freakin' expensive like hell, kinda nothing under 100€. So this was a 50/50-bag. I liked everything I got in the first picture above (white ghost t-shirt, dress with cat ears and a zebra rucksack!) and disliked the items which are in the second pic underneath. (though I have plans for sewing something out of the shocking pink vest :D)

All items which were in my piercing fukubukuro by Medi Store. Like their store because they have some awesome piercing stuff! Because I came to Japan without any jewelry and had a shortage of "normal" things to use this was perfect. Most things begin at 3000 Yen and the whole bag was 2500 Yen so it was a pretty good deal. Wearing the monster and the kitten already.

Not in the fukubukuro, but a piercing I wanted so baaad since I saw it. Unfortunately I wasn't skilled enough to catch all the details.... on the ball to close sits a butterfly and above that is a golden crown which can be removed if wanted.

First picture: Glad News Bought the jumper from Glad News because it was 2000 Yen OFF. The grey shirt was in Pachi's fukubukuro and she said she would never wear it and handed it over to me (:

Second picure:  magic I bought this fukubukuro because it was cheap (3000 Yen) and I like all the sentimental circus! It contained the two bags, huge cussion, a huge set of pen letters and 3 little magnetic figures which are guardening my lamp now.

I also made some other buys since everything was on sale. I really wanted to buy a Lolita fukubukuro because I like to watch lolita stuff :D Buy you could see the outfits beforehand (lucky me!!) and every outfit was completely pink or completely white or completely gothic. Maybe that's total lolita but I found it super boring... I never go out only in one color because it looks a bit...boring. So I didn't bought anything. I wanted to have a nice dress at least but I think I'm not kitchy enough for lolita..when I actually looked at the prints I found out that I'd maybe never wear such a stuff o.o But it's still nice to look at it from a distance ^-^ So that's all for today, one week until final exams begin and no time at all for everything that needs to be done. Hope you guys are doing well!

See you next time,



  1. Fukubukuro are so cool and fun :) I would like to buy one so bad :O And you got such nice stuff in them ^^

  2. Ahh der American style pulli ist super süß ♥ Was und ich find die Kragenbluse mit der Schleife von Peace now total toll haha. Würd ich noch gothic lolita anziehen, würd ich die sofort haben wollen *lach* Am meisten hat sich aber wohl der Piercing fukubukuro gelohnt oO Echt krass, wieviel da drinne war. Kannte den Laden bisher noch nicht, aber werd ich jetzt wohl auch bei meinem nächsten Japanbesuch mal angucken.

  3. You got great stuff! I just got a Glad News bag :((((((( but it was still a steal :D can't believe you went early in the morning! are there more specials??
    i got my bag in the afternoon ><

  4. I've been hearing about these lucky bags... I want some!! I really like everything you got, especially the piercing jewellery!

  5. those lucky bags... o.o i've heard a lot about those lately.. love the things that you got :D looks cuteeee =3


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