Super super super short information :3
I really wanted to blog the last days but I was just incapable of!! I don't know exactly where my time went but I always ended up in the middle of the night reading the book for my literature course at university (it's in Japanese and contains more than 500 pages. I am now at page 150, understanding like 80% AND FUCKING PROUD OF IT. Someone has to say it, lol.)

So I was wondering the last weeks, since I have one blog in German for my friends and family and one in English for the rest of the world (that kinda sounds... mean? It's meant in a positive way!) and I kept wondering why the German blog gained so much readers although most of them couldn't even understand German. Sooo I found out that I hid(!!) the English version of my blog for some dumb reason. In fact, people could only see that I have the German blog aaaand I guess that pretty quite explains why XD Dumb me. I guess that's called the righteous punishment for being dumb or something, lol.

I wanted to include pictures and interesting stuff but I have to head for bed since it is 1 AM and I have university earlier than usual. Tomorrow is the first time I'm going to a hairdresser since I arrived in Japan and I def. so need him! My hair looks terrible since it grew 8 months without a plan. I so hope the people know what they're doing lol. In Berlin I have the same hairstylist since I was thirteen and I'm super-suspicious since a hairdresser once ruined my hair by bleaching already bleached (and super blonde) hair. (It literally melted and looked like plastic, lol. I gained a trauma from that of which I'm sure.) :'D

So I hope I can come up with pictures and finally my Sakura post in the next few days! Please keep popping by, have a nice day all of you!
Until next time,

- Sam.
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