Happy Birthday, Little Blog! (+Wishlist!)
Today my dear little blog turns 1 year old! Honestly, I didn't even know when I started this blog and only looked it up when Jennifer posted about her blog anniversary because I was curious since when I started this blog. I had several blogs since I was thirteen, it's not THAT big a deal actually (; 

This is how I could possibly look when trying to think about what I could blog about.

When I started this blog I really had no clue what I wanted to do with it actually. I read a lot different blogs and wanted to do something similar without any goal in mind. The first half of the year I just posted random stuff about my life and I gained some subscribers which gave a lot more motivation to keep the blogging up. I just noticed that I got influenced by all the people I meet and from all the people which blogs I read so I guess that's the reason that I got more into fashion and make-up blogging the last two or three months.

I have to say I met some awesome people among the way and I am happy for every friend I made! There are so many nice people out there whom I don't really wanna miss anymore and from whom I take a lot of inspiration and motivation lately! YOU GUYS ROCK, honestly. I even made some  friends and met some bloggers in real life for the time I am in Japan and it was overall an amazing encounter! It's a bit tricky to meet people in person who you only know through their blogs and maybe a bit of email and chatting but I was never disappointed and had a great time! ♥ I treasure the time I spent together and also all the people I am exchanging e-mails and personal conversation. This blog really grew into something very important to me and I am happy that I stayed on track!

Last but not least I am thankful for every single human being who decided to read my blog, my heart always jumps when I see that I gained a new reader! I try to be on track with all my readers but it's getting difficult with the number increasing. Some days ago when I had a weekend off I visited every blog of my followers and left at least a comment and read some of your new entries! (At least the people who's blogs I am not reading regularly and there seem to be also some quite a few ones who doesn't have a blog, correct me if I'm wrong!) I have to say all my subscribers are really interesting and super different persons :)


Not only my blog birthday, but also my personal birthday is right around the corner in the beginning of July :) Usually I'd through a big party at my boyfriend's apartment like usual but since I am still in Japan there won't be much to do. I made some kind of a wishlist which are only items I really like but of course this list is only superficial because over-expensive xD" Nonetheless these are items I really like and have an eye on for a long time <.< So I might just post the list maybe there's something for you as well! :)

Sleek Make-up Palettes! I added the names so you could search for them easier if you'd be interesting in a particular palette. I especially have an eye on the "Oh So Special" for a long time now since I only own kind of vibrant colors and  a neutral palette would complement my collection :)

I looooove the new collaborations with Jeffrey Campbell! (One "L" got lost in the picture, I'm sorry.)  CMYK collaboration has 4 (or 5?) colors but unfortunately charge about $50 on top of the normal ridiculous price. I own the normal studded Litas and I love them 'til death since they are so comfy for being high heels. I do fell in love with the Edea ones... but the actual price of about $200 is just ridiculous. (I like the idea of heel into sneakers though!)

I lost all my brushes at the Yosakoi Festival so I am in an urgent need of new brushes. I don't NEED the Sigma ones, cheaper ones would be just fine but I am honest and I really would like to try their brushes. The Eye Kit would be just fine since I never use brushes for applying my make-up.

...that's all for today I fear. Only self-appreciation and consumation, that's kinda poor I guess :p Anyway this blog really gives me much and I appreciate everybody who supports me! Thank you all and right into the next year of blogging I'd say! :) And I finally made the DIY Decoden Post and another Circle Lens Review coming up, no time for resting! <3

Until next time,


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