100+ Follower Thank You Giveaway!

I'm sorry it took me so long but it's not the easiest thing to prepare a giveaway when you're moving between the continents. It even took me longer since it's the very first giveaway I am ever hosting and I am so excited! I hope you are too :D It's not extremely big, but it's very personal and it feels very me. Since this giveaway is about me and my blog I felt it to be very important and treated it like that. I gathered together all my favorite products for this little giveaway so it is, indeed, very me, if you like it or not :D I only included products I used myself and were satisfied with in the past. Here's what you'll get:

As you probably know, I am a huge fan of Diamond Lashes and I bought a lot while I was in Japan. I absolutely couldn't decide which style would be best for the giveaway so I decided to do it a bit different: I picked my all time favorite lashes from Diamond Lash together in one package to get you the most diversity! I thought it would suck if the person who'll get the package hates the lash style I picked so that's why I repacked it. Set includes 5 pair of lashes with 4 different styles. (My absolute favorite is Sexy Eye at the moment! ♥)


When it comes to circle lenses, I always loved the effect the Bambi Sesame Grey are giving, so I ordered an extra pair to share with my readers. I finally got to try the Lycée Eye Drops when I was in Japan and found circle lenses a lot more comfortable after using these drops. Because they are so famous on the net, I included a package for you!

Found the Kitty contact case in a small store in Japan, so much cuter than the normal case! I love the smell and taste of the Baby Lips lip balm in mango pie! This was my favorite lip balm in Japan and took it with me no matter where I travelled.

Found this cute blushing puff at The Daiso in Japan and since I love everything leopard furry couldn't go without! It's really handy and super fluffy.

There was a special week where one could find Little Twin Stars everywhere in Japan and I couldn't resist buying this cute little pouch.

Everything fits! :D Maybe I'll also add some bonus content, we'll see! Hope you like the products I picked ^-^ BTW, I got a tele converter for my camera from my father for my birthday and these were the first pictures I took with it, I absolutely love the effect! Wanna take some portraits now...

Back to topic! This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY, so everyone can enter. Be a reader of this blog is mandatory and there's also a little bonus for everyone who supported me even before I started this giveaway. You can use the pictures in this post or the buttons I made if you decide to repost this giveaway:

 Just type in the Rafflecopter form below to enter and good luck everybody! ♥

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