Giveaway Preview + Launching Tomorrow!
Hello my darlings!

I am super happy these days because it finally seems like every reader gets my newsfeed now and I got a lot of feedback from people the last days because they finally *saw* my blog online and could read all the posts I did meanwhile! :D Really happy about that & welcome back everybody!

I announced my first giveaway a few weeks ago but had absolutely no time for getting stuff, doing pictures etc. there's so much more to do than some people might think! Today was a lazy cosy day so I used the time to prepare everything and I'll finally start my first giveaway tomorrow evening (Europoean Time). It won't be suuuper big because I'm an always broke student but I hope you guys will be satisfied with what I did! Also, I did a lot of pictures & review shots today so that I have some content for future posts, I have a lot to share!

Super-tiny preview picture is super tiny.

I am going to a birthday party now, the first real party since I moved back to Berlin and I am so excited! My boyfriend picks me up every minute so I am rushing to type faster to get the post done in time! I leave you guys with a tiny preview for my giveaway and hope to see you all tomorrow, take care! <3 Note to myself: Although in a rush it's not the best idea to include an exclamation mark behind every single sentence. // Over.

XOXO & See you next time,


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