Being Back in Berlin
These first two weeks when I came home after a year of studying abroad were a blast. It was super exciting to see all my friends again after such a long time; to be loved by my family and to be finally able to hug my boyfriend again.

But it was also stress; everybody thinks it's cool for you that you're back because it's home. And because it's home you certainly wouldn't need any time to adapt to the "new/old" way of living. WRONG! At least for me it was pretty hard. I did feel like a stranger and talking to all these people when I was lost for so long was a strange feeling. It did get better after the first two weeks but still I have the feeling I haven't arrived yet. I'm not in Japan anymore, I'm just somewhere in between with my head a little bit up in the clouds. However, it was nice to spend so much quality time with everybody and I wanted to share with you what I did the first two weeks (despite laying around and trying to gain the sleep I was lacking the last weeks in Japan.)

 #1 This was the very first picture I took of me and my boyfriend Niko after a whole year! I guess the last picture was taken at the airport short before I left for Japan. I visited him in February but I wasn't able to take any pictures because we both were sick. As you can maybe see in #2 we visited a concert together for my birthday :D We had beer in these merchandise plastic cups which I kept of course. The band is called Die Ärzte which is a pretty famous rock band here in Germany and I used to listen a lot to them when I was a teenager <3 #3 Another day I went to IKEA with my friend Iris who I haven't seen in a while because she moved away from Berlin. I wanted to buy these veggie plushies so bad but I had no money :/ #4 At the place of my boyfriend's parents we did a huge BBQ  to celebrate my belated birthday and they got me this giant sausage (his parents run a gourmet meat store in Berlin).

Another day, my best friends took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday they missed while I was in Japan. They took me to a famous steak restaurant and the dinner we had was so amazing! Everything was so delicious and it was so nice to just eat and chat for a while. Left from me are my friends Martin & Stuffi while right from my bf sits my cousin Jacky and my schoolfriend Winnie from Brasil who I know since I was six years old :D

One week later, the big brother of my boyfriend cooked for us (he's cook in a high-end hotel) and it was also soooo gooood! I thought he would make us "normal" dinner but we had three different courses with salmon, salad, mozzarella and tomato, steak with potatoes and mousse au chocolat as dessert! I didn't take pictures of the other stuff since I felt a bit embarrassed to ruin the nice and chilly atmosphere with my camera but I guess you can pretty good imagine how everything looked like, it was heaven!

And, finally but not least..

...enjoying the companionship of my boyfriend again! :D This picture was taken in the garden of my boyfriend's parents place and we didn't really know that his father was taking pictures of us, it turned out pretty amazing I thought. His father revived his passion for photography again and takes pictures a million times a day his mother told me, lol. It makes me really happy to see how much my boyfriend missed me and I am happy to say that our relationship stayed strong the entire year I was apart. It was hard but well.. I don't know, somehow we just got through it without a fight, it was pretty amazing. I have to say it feels a bit "weird" to have a boyfriend "again" when you only communicated via messengers for so long :'D I guess that's how long-distance relationships feel when they visit each other on the weekend? 

So far, my time back home has been pretty amazing and I can't complain at all. I also feel how I changed a lot from before. For example I am home way more than I was before and I take the time to sit down and watch television together with my mother. I never did that before because I was always in a hurry to do something else but now I am really chilled. Maybe I'm only getting old, lol. I'll also go shopping with my girls this Thursday and I'll have a blogger meet-up with Ria from, probably you know her already? :) I'm excited for everything to come!

Hope you enjoyed this little insight of the first weeks being back home, hope you liked it!
Until next time,



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