Gorgeous Glasses (MY FIRST PAIR!!)
Hello cats & dogs, hello new readers!

This is a pre-scheduled post I made while I am in London, therefore replies to comments will take longer than usual! :3

Note #1 (22.09) I just got an e-mail that I won this awesome giveaway from Ricky @ Cats & Dogs! That dress is just soooo beautiful, I still can't believe I won! Outfit post will follow :D Make also sure to check out Ricky's blog, I just recently found her and admire her style a lot :)

Note #2 I extended my giveaway until September 27th! Didn't know it would fall into my departure to London and I have no time to check the entries and send the package, so sorry! I will pick as soon as I'm back from the UK I promise ^_^

Some of you may already know it or have maybe spotted me on the street and wondered - if it's me or not? About a week ago, I received my first pair of glasses. While living in Japan I felt that my eyes got weaker and weaker and I had a really hard time reading the blackboard when I sat in the back of the room. I also had difficulties with seeing people's faces when I walked across them from a distance. I lent my roomie's glasses but they were a bit too strong so I only used them for writing down the things that stood on the blackboard. Now that I got some time back home my mother and I together went to the optician to get me my very first pair of glasses.

I decided on a rather big, nerdy-looking pair of glasses with a crushed-brown in the front and a soft mint-color on the inside that can also be seen from the side. Did I excite you yet? Well pictures are following anyways! :D

What do you think? I personally always loved glasses very much so I'm not frustrated that I need some now. I really love the one I picked and I think it suits me kinda good. Everybody wanted me to force into a smaller, more squarish kind of pair because my face is a bit chubby and they thought against round, a square would be best. Well, I didn't like all the ones and picked this one in the end. 

I don't need to wear these glasses everyday though; it's only for reading this from a distance like in university or maybe, cinema, theater or when my eyes are already tired after work. :3 I'm still not used to wear glasses though, I feel very dizzy when I wear these. Got it needs some wearing practice before my eyes will finally get used to the glasses.

Next post I'll finally write about the few Blogger meet-ups I did in the last few months. I always love to meet new people and these experience were no exception! Thanks for reading and I hope you all'll have a kickass time!

See you soon & much love,


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