Outfit #2 + #3 Be Comfy!
Good evening my precious,

I'm currently running out of valuable things to share with you, so I decided to post these two outfits I've worn the last days. I don't think they are incredible, but it's something I wear a lot so I thought it would be worth a share. I love stylish and fashionable clothes but they have to be comfortable. The best dress means nothing to me if I feel like a squeezes tomato in it. (Or even worse, look like one.) Especially when I'm meeting my best friends I'm mostly not in the mood to dress up that much because we have relaxing days most of the time! :D

Since "oversized" is a real look at the moment, I tend to buy comfy sweaters and dresses eeeeeverywhere, because I love them. They are absolutely perfect for a day in university or a learning day at home. Or a rainy shopping day. Or...

Left side: Seagreen dress from Forever21; bazer from H&M, headpiece from Forever21 and bag from Esprit. Right Side: Headpiece from Glad News; scarf and sweater from Vero Moda and my beloved fake leather pants from I don't know anymore.

So, this is what I wear a lot on my comfy days. I always think you can be really comfy and lazy without looking too much like it. To be honest, there are two combinations I always go for when I have absolutely no idea what to wear: 

#1 Wide, flowy dress with a blazer or tight jacket  or  #2 oversized tee/sweater with a tight pants.

 In my eyes, you just can't go totally wrong with these two combinations. I didn't even notice it that much before I took outfit pictures of my style. Now that I noticed that I tend to use that combination a lot I try to break away from it and try something new and inspiring from time to time. Being on Lookbook really helped me to improve my own view about fashion and my style. I would recommend it to everyone interested in fashion because you get just so extremely inspired.

I'm dead tired now because I lack a bit of sleep these days and won't have much tomorrow... but I'm so excited because I'll change my hairstyle tomorrow COMPLETELY. Can't wait!! I'm so tired of my hair for a long time now and it looks just disgusting. Be prepared! Hope you liked this little post, hope to see you soon!

Until next time,


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