Glamour Shopping Week Frustration - Gina Tricot
Happy windy autumn day to everybody,

In Germany, the fashion magazine Glamour launches a shopping week every year in October to celebrate fashion and to bring all shoppingholics great deals and discounts. There is a shopping card in the latest issue to identify yourself as a reader and therefore people get a discount in various shops and onlineshops.

To be honest, I never participated because I always was too lazy. I hate forceful shopping - meaning, that I need so shop this particular week to get all the discounts. That's also why I never really find anything when it's sale :D Usually I'm in the mood for shopping when new stuff is launched - and therefore it's also most expensive ;_; Since I am on a university/part-time job budget, I really was excited about this year's shopping week and I also prepared some shopping lists for various stores where I'd like to shop. Well, as I said, I was excited. Most excited I was about Gina Tricot's autumn collection plus the discount I would have got!

These were my most wanted items from the new autumn collection at Gina Tricot store. I love the mixture of jumper and dress! And I absolutely fell in love with the batik print sweater <3 Well, when I went to the Gina Tricot store in Central Berlin today, I f** couldn't find a single item from my list. Despite the bag - which was way smaller than it looks on the picture! - and that cross collar decoration item. I couldn't find any of the sweaters or dresses or blazers I liked and got kinda pissed. 

Nothing to worry about, you can still get the pieces online with the shopping week discount I told myself. Well, when I tried to ordered the pieces I wanted, I was able to add them to my list, however, when I wanted to check out the shop told me the items were no longer in stock. In your face, Sam! Needless to say I was super upset until that point. I could still get that sweatshirtdress but it's not really worth the online purchase to be honest. Plus, my heart really beats for that batik jumper. Damn. I'm super disappointed because I wanted these things so bad :< 

I also went to newly opened Urban Outfitters store but didn't really find anything. To be honest, I find the UO concept more or less confusing - I'm ALWAYS picking the high-brand designer pieces, just to see, that I can't afford them. So Glamour Shopping Week, this week may not be the week for me I guess. I'm thinking about doing some frustration online shopping now. Oh and I really need to take some outfit shots, but the weather is so extremely disgusting, I'm only sitting here with a thick jumper and a hot-water bottle. I also wanted to take some EOTD's with my new Sleek palettes, but my skin is extremely irritated at the moment so I'm unable to take any flattering pictures at all :< At least the new Gossip Girl episode will launch today... :'D Since I'll meet my cousin this Friday I guess I'll abuse her to take some outfit pictures for this blog (be prepared Jacky! I know you read this as well.)

I'm rolling up in my frustration now and see what Romwe online shop has to offer me instead since I still have a 20% discount code... :'D Hope y'all doing well! Much love & windy greetings,



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