Winter Is Coming.
Brace yourselves my precious readers,

for winter is coming! (If you know which bloodthirsty TV series I'm referring to - you may be awesome.) Back to topic! After having a super warm and sunny springish day on Wednesday it all of a sudden turned super freaking collddd in Berlin. I don't know exactly where that cold comes from - I just know I hate it and, like every year, have to try to stay patient for spring. In the meanwhile, I had some real excuses for shopping! I realized that I had only autumn coats and one really super thick winter coat, but... nothing in between. I need a coat for now. For, saying, 10°C to 0°C or something. I always tried to find the most warm coat I could find - but then I thought it would be stupid to buy something that I would probably only wear in January/February. 

So I took the long road down and searched for my personal favorite winter coat - and found it at ZARA. Honestly, I was very upset by my usual black winter coats (I counted and it appears that I have about 10 black jackets/coats/blazers) and I wanted to step outside my comfort zone - and here's what I came up with!

A perfect knee-lenght winter coat in nude/beige. It won't keep me warm at -20°C we'll be having in the new year but it's the perfect coat for now. I love the idea that it has a belt! Makes it harder for the wind to rush under your coat. Only downside was the sizing: M was perfect but I wouldn't be able to wear a thick cardigan or jumper underneath. However, L is really loose even with the belt. I decided to buy L size since I want to wear all my thick jumpers underneath. I changed the belt because it was a big too loose for my liking. I kept it though - you never know! :D So far I've worn it every single day and have to say that I love this coat so much! Perfect color, perfect lenght, keeps me warm but still looks somewhat fashionable. Sam is pleased.  ^_^

I also created a little list with things I bought to get ready for winter or with things I would love to have for winter. My favourite winter accessoire are certainly my leopard fur ear warmers :) Speaking of fur - I don't really like anything furry, but when winter arrives I'm going all mad craving about fake fur vest etc. I wonder where that comes from.

I actually bought that burgundy headpiece to use it for warming my ears. I wanted a black one but decided the contrast being too harsh with my new coat. However, what I really want is a pair of leather gloves! I saw a whole bunch of them some days ago and if I weren't short of money at the moment I'd totally buy myself a pair. Maybe for Christmas?? And I really like the cross scarf, maybe I'm gonna get that too (all pieces except the bag are from C & A, for all my German readers!) Did you get ready for winter already? Or is there anything you desire? I always need more scarves so I fear for a lot more to come these next cold months. No matter what you dress in, make sure to stay warm! <3


And, can I post something completely out of topic? I don't know if you know it, but I am a huuuuuge fan of The Vampire Diaries. Actually, I started only as having a huuuuuge crush on Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore. Gosh, I would never ever cheat on my beloved boyfriend, but I couldn't promise if I'd gonna meet him. I guess he's my biggest TV-crush since I fell in love with one of the Sailor Moon fighters LOL. Sooo actually the newest episode of TVD totally blew my mind because I want Elena and Damon to be together so bad! SOOO BAAAAD. So I'm gonna spam you guys with some tumblrs I found. Sorry, can't help it today. I'm usually not a fangirl. At least not at this blog. But today is different. Be aware. SPAM AHEAD!

Sorry for the spam :'D Maybe you know now which team I'm on lol. I swear I'm only doing this once in a while but GOSH I love the whole storyline about these two. I could post you like a hundred more YT videos but I'll spare you. Please note I wrote this late at night when I was supposed to sleep but watched Delena videos instead. Hope you'll forgive me :'D

Anyways, I'm having my sleepover with my girls tongith and if I'm not totally broken by work it's gonna be A M A Z I N G. Have a nice weekend everybody and see you soon! <3

Much love!


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