Exam Today.
Hello my fellow readers,

Today is the day. The day I've been learning for the last 3 months. This exam will decide if I'll be able to apply to interpreter's course next year or not. Needless to say that I'm stressed out these last few days. Usually I'm not panicking before exams but since this is such a huge opportunity for me I'm really really afraid. I want to pass this so deeply. But I learned enough and if I didn't pass, well, I can still try again next year in July. I'm so freaked out that I lost my appetite, I feel like I need to throw up all the time and could cry every minute. But I'm trying to pull myself together!! It will be fine. I hope. It needs to be!

Pachi sent me this yesterday in the evening. The words in red mean certain victory (hisshou) and that's what she wishes me; I'm glad to have her as a friend! I'm so glad when this is all over and I can breathe in and out chilled again. Until then, I hope you pray for me! Have a good Sunday and hear from you all soon :)

Much love,



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