Happy Merry Christmas!
Happy Merry Christmas to all of my beloved readers!

Swedish-themed Christmas tree at my mom's place  // My very own Christmas tree at my bf's place :D (I bought it and I had to carry this little super heavy thing and decorated it so it's my whole pride.)

I know I'm late and a bad blogger but I really really had no nerve to post anything before. I was stressed out from work at 22th + 23th (luckily I have 24/25/26th of Dec OFF! Lucky me! :D ) and I had a lot to do on the actual date of Christmas. My parents are separated, so I usual switch between mom's and dad's place later in the evening. This year was a bit different: I kinda moved in with my boyfriend (not officially but I was home once or twice in 2 months so I guess you can say we kinda live together.. I write this on his couch while he plays video games 2 meters away from me. xD") so I was at my bf's place on Christmas (I never ever saw my bf on Christmas, this was a first!) then I went to my boyfriend's parents place, stayed there for 2 hours, then Niko drove me to my father's place where I stayed the whole evening and I came home to my mother's place at about 1 AM. So I visited 4 different places, this is a new record even for me! I had no Christmas feeling at all, however I had a really really nice day. Got amazing food with amazing people and it's always nice to be at my dad's place, I don't get to see him that often. 

As for the presents, I already got my Christmas present in November because my mobile phone broke and my mom didn't want me to be without phone for a month (mostly because we talk everyday via our phones :x ) I reaaaally really wanted a Blackberry for a very long time and this is what she and her wife got me! I was SO happy when I first held it in my hands <3

I looove my new phone. And I really wanted the white one, don't really like black phones at all. Actually I wanted a smartphone without touchscreen so the BB was a perfect match. It took us some weeks to make it work though because apparently a BB does NOT work with a usual internet flatrate, you need to book an optional BB option. Only, that my provider did NOT provide service for Blackberries... long story short; we managed after 3 weeks to change and now I can enjoy my phone as it should be ^-^ Since this is such a huge and expensive present, my mother said I would not get any presents on the day of Christmas. Well, she ALWAYS says that. I pretended to believe her.  [........]

...but she couldn't resist so I got this amazing purse with real leather in gold! Actually there's a story behind this purse:  When I was at home some weeks ago, this purse was laying around and I was like "Oh mother, what a beautiful purse you have, where did you get that?" (My mother and I always exchange our purses and bags, that's why. ;D ) And she was like "Oh, Michi just got it for me as a present, isn't it nice?" Present's from Michi are special so I would never dare to ask my mother if I could have that special purse. Yesterday, my mom and her wife told me that this was only a set-up to find out if I would like that purse or not! AS IF I WERE THAT PREDICTABLE. I was shocked, honestly, that they would set me up on my own presents like that! :D

Despite the fact that they said I wouldn't get any presents I also got quite some other stuff which was mostly chocolate and other sweets that will destroy all the good things I had in mind for my body. Maybe I'll move that to New Year, not possible I'm losing any weight this last week in 2012 :'D

I also got a voucher for my hairdresser which I really loved! I try to go to the hairdresser for weeks but I simply ran out of money this month. With the voucher I'll only have to pay half of what I do pay usually :) I also received some money from my father and my grandmother and Niko and I received several stuff for our apartment like pretty colorful new glasses, a ton of stuff to eat and of course much much more chocolate! 

Christmas dinner in my living room my mom and her wife prepared for Niko, my grandma & her partner and me :) Everybody got a box of chocolate as dessert!

I have to say I really feel blessed for the loving surrounding I have. I do love my family, although splitted, and it was nice spending time with anyone. Tomorrow we'll have the last Christmas dinner at Niko's parents place again. I love this place; it's a palace-like house with a pond and a fireplace and gosh, it's so amazing HOMELY there (is there a word like homely in English? Not sure. Too lazy to look it up.) Plus, his mother is going to make my favourite winter dish I requested <3 (In case you wondered; it's a mustard roast. Delicious!) I can't see any heavy dishes anymore after this period of time, I need some fresh noodles or salad with rice, that'd be wonderful. My next days will be filled with a lot of stuff like working, preparing for New Year party, meeting with my friends to have a late Christmas dinner (but at a restaurant so I can get something more light than the usual heavy German Christmas stuff...)

What did you get for Christmas? Did you celebrate it at all? I hope you all had some wonderful days and enjoy the last days of this year :) Next post will be about the Secret Santa Project I took part in! Merry Christmas!

Much love & See you soon,


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