Secret Santa Project.
Good morning little girls,

are you tired of Christmas yet? I usually never can't get enough of that fuzzy and cosy atmosphere around Christmas so I am forcing one last post on you (I promise to make it short :D) I joined a Secret Santa Project that was hosted by a German blogger called Miriam. I found her Secret Santa Blog by chance and thought it was just such a lovely idea - you could send her an email with your contact and your blog adress and she would randomly draw people so you would send a little Christmas package worth about 5€ to another blogger. I love to prepare presents as well as to receive something surprisingly so it was no big surprise I just NEEDED to participate :) Such a great idea to host something like this! Maybe I should host an international version next year....

I got Anja to send her a present and it wasn't super easy for me since she is a mother of two boys and lives in a completely different world than me. I tried to get to know her through her blog but she does not blog that regularly and I found it quite hard. I still hope she likes what I got her! In the end, I gave her some samples of my favourite loose teas I bought on a German island some weeks ago, a little fabric covered tissue box from Japan, Chai tea because she stated it's her favourite, chocolate and a book mark. 

In return, I received a package from Yasmin and I wanted to say THANK YOU because she really put a lot of effort into making the package and I really appreciated that. I was so excited to open it but waited until the actual date of Christmas just because I am that honest to myself :D :D :D 

She even made a Christmas card and a notebook herself, how amazing is that? I actually LOVE notebooks and have thousand of them already filled with Japanese vocab, grammar, random thoughts etc. etc. So she hit the nail with that :) She also gave to me a pair of earrings and a ring in an awesome green shade - green is my favourite color! I doubt she knew that but it doesn't matter, it made me happy :) Unfortunately I can't wea the earrings because I have big flesh tunnels :( But I already got an idea on how to use them nontheless.

Altogether I really loved this project and have to thank Miriam again for hosting this and Yasmin for her great package, thank you girls! I'm definitely in next year again :)

Have some nice last days of the year everybody! <3 Much love & See you soon!



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