New In: Gina Tricot for Spring!
Good evening my lovely readers,

I hope you all are doing well! I just had my last presentation (maybe ever) in university today! Usually I'm not nervous at all because I'm a very strong and self-confident person but the topic was just not mine. It was about the Nazi time and the dictatorship which followed for East-Germany. I didn't feel too comfortable but I did a good job at least my prof told me :) I analyzed some web-contents and I was really glad that my highly political educated best friend Pachi helped me out a bit with argumentation (politics is absolutely NOT my field of study. Or interest. Or anything.)

I thought when I was already in the city I could just pop by the Gina Tricot store in Berlin - we have only this one store and it's very convenient dangerous that it is right there where I study. Highly dangerous. Since I was in a bit of a bad mood today I just decided to pop in and..... these were my favourites :)

So now winter's almost over (just kidding, winter lasts AT LEAST until March in Germany. Sometimes until May if we're really really unlucky. But it's unusual warm this year so I have high hopes!!) and stores are in with happy colors again! I always love spring collections, because they feature my favorite colors most of the time; among them pink, mint, light grey and all pastel colors actually :D

I decided in my head already that I NEED the pink pants. Just love the cut and all the zippers! Can't resist a pair of pants with loads of zippers. Plus, pants are the one thing I really don't own that much since I'm more a dress-girl :) (And hey, the color is just beyond amazing) I would love to have the army pants for training; I'll continue dancing classes in February so this would be a perfect match! It's kinda pricey though, so I'm not really sure whether I'm gonna buy it or not. Really depends on my workplace because there were some difficulties and... I'm giving you the whole story when it's all done and settled! 

Hope you forgive this short shopping rant post, I barely had time today and I'll have work tomorrow morning so no time for a good quality post, so sorry! >_<""

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