Twinkle Twinkle Little Shoe - Winter Sale!
Hello my dear readers,

Did you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve? Don't worry, I'm already preparing a post about my NYE (wait for hilarious pictures!!) but I thought all your dashboards must be overflowing with NYE party posts so I thought I postschedule my own post to get my readers a bit more diversity :D (Also, I would think it to be a shame if my NYE party would get lost in your overflowing dashboard :P :P :P Yes, I am that selfish a blogger.) Just short: I had a great NYE and will share my experience via pictures soon with you guys :)

Also I'd like to inform you that I might not able to post anything the very next three weeks. I just realized that I do not have a single day off these three weeks and I hardly doubt that I'll have the time to post even the tiniest bit :/ So if I disappear for most of January, I am sorry in advance! Will have lots of freetime in Feburary though :)

If it's not obvious enough already: Winter sale has begun and at least in Berlin a lot shopping hunters are on the street to catch the best deals along the road. I myself have never been a big fan of sales - for some reason I never find anything with the sales but grab some new stuff from the spring collections instead. Did I say I'm not good at saving money..? That might be a reason for that! However, I found this year's sale quite promising and wanted to share with you my favourites and some few things I bought :) Also I thought, it's a good thing to have a little overview of who sells what.


To my own surprise the ongoing sale at H&M is reaaally nice! I think I never bought anything at H&M sale so far but I did today! I absolutely fell in love with these glitter ballerinas but OF COURSE these were only available in size 36 (which is supersmall.) With my size (40-41) I never find anything at shoe sales. NEVER! But just because I can't have them doesn't mean you can't either, so grab them as long they have different sizes online!! They sparkle like heaven in real life. Also, I can always find a good use for fake leather leggings. I once owned three but now have only one left which also looks quite used so maybe, that's what drove me. Looking at what I present you I guess - you can never be wrong with shiny things. Never. Not even with super shiny leggins like these on the right side. <3 Actually I found a looot more but I didn't wanna disturb you with too much pictures.

Find the items: Glitter BallerinasSkinny Low Jeans / Peplum Top / Glitter Plateau (Couldn't find the links for the Super Skinny Shiny Jeans and the awesome ring anymore because H&M always shuffles the items on the sale page -__-")


I have to say, I am not a big fan of Zara. I have to say I love some of their designs but the quality just sucks for the money. I only bought three pieces in my life but all of them were falling apart very very soon. I hate when the hamline just... disappears?? But sometimes I just can't resist and buy something in deep hope it gets better. But if it doesn't I won't shop there anymore very soon. Love that red coat with leather arms but it's still way too pricey for my budget at the moment. They had a leopard fake fur parka last month and I am really trying to find that (because it disappeared online) in a store. Would love to get that piece on sale!! >.<" My hopes aren't that high though. Also I'd like to get a new pair of boots. I now I bought the Dr Martens this autumn in London, but.... I need a different pair of boots. Winter's too long in Germany :'(

Also, do not forget the several online sales like asos, sheinside, dawanda and others :) Happy shopping to all of you! Hope you all get what you're looking for! <3 Oh and I'll make a separate post about my recent buys because I have so little time to blog, try to separate things in a good way so I won't be idle for so long. Thank you for reading and have a great time!

See you soon & Much love,


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