Hello my dearest readers,

How have you all been? These last days have been such a rush! My boyfriend just left for London with his male friends yesterday; he visits a friend who moved there to study law and they all wanna have a good time. Which means I have the apartment all to myself for 4 days!! :D Yay! 

Actually, I am really really bad at staying alone. I have no stay-alone-at-home-skills. Absolutely zero. I planned so much that I am not even a single day alone at home, lol xD It's always like that and I am not even desperately searching for company; I just think "Oh it's so nice that I am alone I can use this space to meet my friends!"  Well, yeah... so I planned all 4 days and after that just realized I planned ALL my free time. Well, that's fine for me but I know that a lot of people think that I cannot be alone, which is not true. I can be alone, I just don't like it that much ;D

Soo yesterday I met up with my grandma and her boyfriend (yes, she has a boyfriend!) at the local IDEA to buy a new closet. Do you remember when I talked about how little space I had here at my bf's place? I decided to change that as long as he's in London. If the closet is built he won't be able to remove it due to its heaviness even if he doesn't want it to be there XD Yes, that's who I am - never trust your apartment to your girlfriend :D But he said some weeks ago "If you need more space then just buy yourself another closet!"  Okay, said, done. Big mistake baby, you should NEVER say stuff like this to me ^^  So I bought the same closet that we already have in order to match it with the rest of the apartment (plus, there's not THAT much space left) and a new mirror because I just broke the one we had before..

Nothing fancy, but really useful stuff. I am soooo excited when I finally can put all my clothes in it. At the moment I only have my warm winter clothes at this place, the rest is still at my mom's place and I can't wait to finally have all my stuff at one single place :) The closet is huuuuge, it's about 2.40 meters high so my mom and her wife will come tomorrow and help me to install it. It's almuch as heavy as I am so no use in even trying this alone :c So excited!!

Yesterday, my best roomie from Japan came over and we did a sleepover-eating-gaming-party :D We watched an anime series via projector, placed the awesome game Ni no Kuni via projector and ate lots and lots of unhealthy stuff.

Our Thursday/Friday Sleepover in a nutshell.

Still in the IKEA mood, we made K├Âtbullar (the little meat balls) with fries ourselves! It tasted pretty amazing because we threw so much garlic into the meat :'D Shortly after that we were still hungry so we made the rest of the fries.. we bought cherry beer and had lots of easter chocolate from my grandmother so it was a pretty amazing night. We even went out at midnight to get more beer because one bottle wasn't enough. We played Ni no Kuni until 2 AM in the morning until we happily just fell into our beds ^w^ This morning, we made croissants ourselves (you can buy fresh croissant dough at our local supermarket, it's so amazing!!), had a huuuge breakfast and played Ni no Kuni again until it was 5 PM. I made myself dinner and watched The Vampire Diaries alone via the projector again :D

Pretty lazy days, but I love it! The last days have been really exhausting, I finished my homework and finally gave it in so I think I absolutely deserve to be lazy one or two days. Tomorrow my mom's stopping by to help and in the evening the girls are coming; we're cooking together, watching movies and who knows what we might do :) I hope you all have an amazing easter weekend! I will go on vacation soon but I think I'll manage to do a blog post before that :)

Lot of love & See you soon!


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