Hello my dearest ones,

did you have a good week? I definitely had a lot to do with my research paper and university stuff. I think I won't do anything this weekend although I had the time but I rather use them again for the paper and everything.. I just think I need the time to get to a good result. Although I must say I'm pretty confident now that I took the time and worked over the first try I did :)

Despite everything I finally managed to take some pictures to FIIINALLYY review the SLEEK OH SO SPECIAL nude palette. You remember when I went to London last September...? Naw, me neither. I promised you reviews but somehow.... winter came, it was dark for months and I never really managed to do it. My apologies! But here it is and I hope you find this helpful :)

The palette and swatches in same order. This palette contains of mostly nude and pink colors going darker with the last 4 colors. There are 4 shimmery ones and 8 matte shades. I have to admit that I loooove all the shimmer colors; the second from left are by far my most used allday shadows! I love the champaign and rosé with golden sparkles in it. Perfect for work, noticeable yet not too much! As for the matte nude colors, I dislike them a lot. All matte nude colors with exception of that one bright pink color (third from left) are extremely sheer; you can barely see them on your skin. Plus, the matte nude colors look like I had too dark make-up on :(  I sometimes use the pink color as a blusher because I think this color works better on the cheek than on the lids.
So, a YAY for the insanely beautiful and pigmented shimmer ones but a NAY for all the light matte colors (the matte black works fine as you can see :p )

I usually use one of the two light shimmer colors for work and blend a bit of that dark shimmer plum into the corner of my eye to deepen the look a bit. What I like about this palette is, that the colors work really well together! The only thing I really don't get... just WHY the hell did they put that chrome greyish blue color in the palette? It's a great color but seriously, it doesn't work with any other color despite the black. Don't get that.  Here's my everyday barista working look! :D

Sorry that it looks a bit uneven, the light was strange, as always u_u" You can see how I used the plum color on the right eye, somehow it vanished from the left one at least in the photo XD And I really need a new eyebrow pencil the one I have is too dark >_< But since I'm basically broke in March such things will have to wait til April :'D So this is how I look everyday when I have to work and have no other inspiration. We shouldn't habe too much make-up at work but I can't live without eyeliner. I think I may have used eyeliner for 5 years straight now, without any exception ^3^ And I just love that eyeshadow color, it's so pretty! And it looks so natural! I usually don't tend to natural things but for work, you know...

Hope you liked this very very belated review! Next one will be a super nice recipe and the story why I fail at making cupcakes. Yes, I do. But I managed it, somehow. I will work today and tomorrow so hopefully I'll talk to you guys soon! 

Much love & See you soon,


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