Hey ladies,

Thank you all so much for your concern about my last entry!! I am still excited and I hope I'm gonna make it ^w^ To the original post:

I just had the feeling that my hair isn't growing at all. My hair grows kinda fast usually but since I chopped it off I had the feeling it kinda stayed the same length, so it's time for a little comparison! I love to change my hair, I think most of you got it already: dyeing my hair is one of my most satisfiying hobbies I have :D I'm so glad my hair is still growing although I'm clashing it with chemicals, but... just can't resist a good hair color! I think I saw my natural hair color at the age of 10 the last time. It was a dark brown. I guess..  

So obviously my hair grew quite a lot! I was surprised to see the pictures like this because I didn't have the feeling that my hair changed at all. It almost reaches my bust again so wow, thank you hair for growing so fast. I was relieved when I cut my hair off half a year ago but I have to admit that I really miss my long hair and I can't wait until it's long again. But unless the last time, I want to have a long, sleek EVEN haircut and not a thousand layers. It's hard to resist cutting layers (oh the fluffyness..) but I never ever had just long, sleek hair. Never. 
I always had some fancy haircut with bangs and layers and I don't know but this time, it's going to be different girls, I tell you. BTW my actualy hair color looks awfully bleachy yellow on that picture but I think the hair color looks much better in real life (at least, I hope? It's not as yellow as it looks here.) I like it the way it is at the moment. I think I would look awfully pale with a colder shade.

Speaking of hair, I just bought some stuff I wanted for a long time in the local drugstore! I got a voucher for our local drugstore from my bf's parents for Easter so I was more than eager to go and get some new items - I didn't buy cosmetics for ages!! (^w^)Y

1 L'oreal Studio Silk & Gloss Hair Straightener Balm 2  Manhattan Intense Effect Eyeshadow in #52M Dusky Pink 3 Astor Eyebrow Pencil in #Light Brown 4 Weleda Almond Moisturizer

(BTW... Can you imagine how long it took me to make the pencil stay like this??)

I finally was able to buy a hair straightener balm + heat protection! I always used heat protection, but when I ran out of it.... I kinda was too lazy to buy a new one and did it without it. Not a good idea! Hair gets frizzy and doesn't even get THAT straight, so...  

I bought the L'oreal one because it was only half the price that day (2€) ^w^ I have to say I am REALLY pleased with this product. Styling gets very very easy, It took me only a minute to get my hair done. Plus, it stays styled for days and smells really nice! Would definitely repurchase :) 

I don't like the eyeshadow as much as I expected - although I tried it out in the store somehow the color payoff wasn't that great at all. It will work fine with work though, I guess. However, I am really pleased with the eyebrow pencil - it is SO hard in Germany to find another color except for black or dark brown. although my brows are really dark I like to paint them in a lighter color so the difference between haircolor and brows isn't that hard ._."" This pencil has a great color (slightly lighter than in this picture) and good color payoff! <3  As for the facial moisturizer, this was just a repurchase of my general face routine :) It's made of almost only water and almond oil and therefore perfect for my troubled skin >_<"

While you are reading this I'll be at work! So I hope you all have an amazing day <3

Lots of love & Talk to you soon!


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