Hello my dear readers,

Have you all been wondering what happened to my fitness inspiration posts? I made some posts some weeks ago about how I wanted to become more fit, to lose some extra weight etc but it became pretty quiet after some time. The reason is, that I lost quite some weight in a short period of time (3-4 kilos in 1-2 weeks) with doing sports and eating more healthy. However, I had exams in university, a lot of stress and fell back into old habits so that I gained that weight back pretty fast. I think I was really consequent for one month but then lost track of what I was doing. Shame on me! I decided for a less radical way now in order to prevent such events from happening :) Just in general, I try to limit my carbs, fat and sugar. I mostly have low carb dinner for 2 or 3 days and a "normal" dinner to prevent any craving, sometimes even two normal dinners (mostly pasta because I cannot live without pasta.) I also try to make sauces etc all by myself because I tend to buy premade mixtures due to little time ._."

So far I lost again 3-4 kilos so that I am now at the point where I lost track last time! Let's just say I am not on a diet but I am just keeping an eye on what I eat. I also have to say that I get the feeling that my body needs a little less food now, I don't have all the cravings and appetite in the middle of the night  like I had before which could be due to more healthy eating in general :)

Long story short; I try to keep up some healthy eating tips and recipes (I don't know why but I just love posting recipes! I wanna have a cook blog! :D ) to post here from time to time because I did not stop, I just took a little detour on the way. One day I was craving mozzarella and thought about a good way to incorporate it into a healthy dish:

This is a really easy, quick and bulletproof recipe! Since I am a big fan of tomato I always look for recipe's to incorporate this amazing fruit. You can eat this together with a salad or rice. I chose the salad for obvious reasons :) Actually, the "tomato mozzarella" mixture in step 3 makes an amazing topping for bread or toast! If you make it an evening before it will taste amazing because it could soak through, I love to make bruschetta with this! I know that I have quite some vegetarians among my readers so I'll promise my next recipe will be a veggie one! Just have to try that out beforehand and hope it might turn out good :)

I hope you like these kinds of posts as well that are not about beauty or fashion :)

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