Hello my precious ones,

When you'll read this, I will be on my way to Bonn for the interview for the master's course and scholarship. I'm pretty sure I'll be super nervous and excited and exhausted. I have to get the train at 4:40 AM and will arrive in Bonn at 9:30 with a short stop in Köln. The interview I have will be at 13:30,  14:00 and 17:30 - 18:00. My train home will be at 7PM and I might return to Berlin a little after midnight. Needless to say, I worked whole Sunday and I will also continue to work at Tuesday @__@"" So prepare you won't hear a word until Wednesday! Most certainly I will need to catch up some sleep ^^""

As excited as I were for the interview, I soon realized a big problem: I do not own a single formal outfit. I just don't have one! So, what to wear on such an important event...?  I thought about my closet: I have lots of blazers but they all are studded, with buttons or in a poppy color. I don't even have normal black pumps or any other formal kind of shoe XD Needless to say, I was quite broke at the end of April because I had to pay for the train ticket to Bonn which was 128€ (I'll get the money back, but have to wait until May..) So yeah, I was already panicking about not having an appropriate outfit for the special day .___.""

I somehow managed to get one outfit together :D I borrowed most items from my friends to help me out. I'm glad my cousin who works in the financial district has the same shoe size as I am and that my former roomie from Japan Pachi has the same size for tops and shirts! Otherwise I would've needed to buy a lot of things that I probably wouldn't use afterwards :/ So thank you all! <3 Great to have you as my friends. Here's what the final outfit will look like:

I first wanted to buy a white blouse, but then I thought "ew, that would look sooooo boring. You should be a bit of yourself!" So I decided to wear a light pink blouse with golden buttons because it looks formal enough but brings a bit more color and a bit more me into the outfit. I don't think the clothes are as important, but I want to leave with a good impression and I think it's a sign of being polite to not wear jeans and chucks for such an important interview. I was happy that I can use my work pants.. I always wear normal skinny black trousers (no jeans) that would also go with a blazer, so relieve for that (It's soooo hard for me to find a pair of pants that FIT.) The pumps from my cousin are extremely comfortable and look so sweet especially with the details, thank you Jacky! You'll never get them back! (^w^)Y MWAHAHA. No, just kidding. I know you love your shoes, girl.

My mom lend me an awesome leather bag but later she said that I could keep it. Thank you mommy, you're always full of support! <3 So I will rock this interview with this outfit. I think. I hope. I just HAVE TO. It's such a big opportunity for me and I really will be depressed if they reject me. Please don't ;_;

If you comment I'll be able to read it even when I'm in Bonn because I get the messages on my phone! :D So please write me, I'll be so nervous and glad to read some comments from nice people. Cross your fingers for me, will you? 

Lots of love & Talk to you all soon,


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