Hello my dear readers,

How have you all been? Please keep in mind that these are prescheduled posts I made before I went on vacation, so replies to comments will take longer than usual!

These last months I had lots and lots of trouble with money. I found out that my working place isn't paying me right and it took almost 4 months until I got the rest money that they would have needed to pay me. It's nice to get it all in one shot now but the last months really were a bit troublesome. Also, there was just so much stuff that I had to pay.... train tickets, medicine, university stuff so that I never had money left for shopping .____." I reeeaaally love to shop so this was a hard time for me :D

Since I got my salary + rest money from my work + money from mom + other money I feel kinda super rich now and had a huge shopping urge that one night when I was alone at home with my laptop. It stormed outside and rained cats and dogs and I just browsed through internet to shop. :D I have to say, I never was a fan of online shopping. I find it difficult to decide whether something's good quality or not with only looking at the pictures on the internet. But, the longer I browse and shop online, the less I find in the real stores outside. Although I live in the capital it is mostly a bit difficult to find things that suit my personal style. I am definitely more picky since I lived in Tokyo... (You can get EVERYTHING in Tokyo, really. Anything. Just say it and it will appear somewhere in the city, I dare you.) I miss all the awesome stores like Glad News, Ghost Of Harlem and all the little no name stores in Shibuya and Harajuku. Ah, how I miss it there ;_; If shipping wasn't as insane as it is when ordering from Japan..

Sooo, main story is, me, sitting comfy on the sofa did a little online shopping. I am so excited for when everything will arrive :D Since I'm a newbie to online shopping I wanted to share with you my gets. Ha! HAUL POST!

Okay, maybe you'll ask: Why the hell do you need caps when it'll be summer soon?  First: No special reason. I just miss a good beanie, that's all. Second: I can hide my bad hair days. Third: It's never really summer in Berlin. There can always be a cold period in between, so it's good to have!! I saw some outfit posts which included beanies and yeah, that's the end of the story. I especially like the Lazy Oaf Skull one, just discovered this brand and think it's amazing! Will definitely remember them.. :)
This was also my first time ordering via Asos! Unlike other online stores (like, Romwe or Sheinside) they don't re-sell Chinese cheap ripoffs for lots of money. They have a collection of different brands and their own brand and shipping is free in Germany. I'll review as soon as they arrive :)

EBAAAY! I love shopping via Ebay, it's my very first source at the moment. I love searching for random keywords and see what there is in the world. I first found these jumpers on Romwe for like 30-40$ and couldn't see why these jumpers have to be that expensive! It was just a coincidence that I found these on ebay.... for 12$ each. I like that these are shine-through, used look and thin - perfect for summer evenings when it turns just a little colder and a jacket is too much :)

I love that this coat is so unique! I have never seen anything like it so this was my main reason to buy it. I really like the super big hoodie and the belt so you can shape it if you like :) I hope it will be good quality! (P.S. I just realized that one picture is double, didn't realize it when making these collages.... oops.)

Do you love shopping on Ebay as well? Or do you have another favorite online store? If you have, let me know please! ^__^ I'll review all the articles in one post when they arrived at my place :) I am so excited for everything ^w^ Hope you all are doing well!

Lots of love and hugs and everything you may need!


P.S. The title's in Japanese because I couldn't think of anything creative. It means "I did some heavy shopping!" lol.

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