Hello my sweet dear readers,

First of all let me say: Thank you so much for your responses to my latest post! I think I sounded very depressed since all your comments were really caring thank you so much! ^w^ I'm fine, I am just really really busy. I finished one application for a master's course, still need to send two by the end of this month.

I'm sitting in the university at the moment with my laptop in the final module! It's super funny, we just chat about how we have to write our final thesis and as you can see I am skyping and blogging because the course is fiiiive hours and five hours can be long without internet. 

However, thanks to your comments I finally wanted to blog again! I even had the courage to do an outfit post (whaaat? It's been ages! :D ). I would love to do so much more outfit posts but a) I have no one to take pictures of me b) I hate to take "mirror pictures" because they somehow don't look that good and c) it's aaaaalways dark in Berlin! Always! No sunshine! So it kinda takes the right moment to take outfit pictures ._. But yesterday I felt like I had to do something and I liked what I wore so I took some snaps (:

Dress: H&M, Shirt: H&M (super old, like 5 years ago) Belt: Urban Outfitters London
Necklace: Wolfmade, Shoes: Esprit

I wore this for university and I really liked it! Finally it's spring in Berlin and although it's getting hot and cold all the time it somehow stays within the range of what you would imagine to be spring. Actually, while I wasn't posting I have been doing quite a lot!

- Started writing my final thesis.
- Went to a Chinese restaurant with Niko to celebrate his awesome exams
- Met up with some colleagues to have amazing Japanese tea party!
- Went to university twice a week.
- Went to jazz dancing class! And started a kickass choreography.
- Met up with Pachi and Niko to finally watch Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33: You can(not)redo. <3
- Ate a million nachos with cheese and drank too much cherry beer.
- Worked my ass off.
- Finished one university application.

I would've loved to keep you all updated with pictures but it's just normal everyday boring stuff and I really don't have the time to carry my camera everywhere around (Plus, people hate when I document everything.) I didn't forget about my vacation pictures, it's just that my friend is so freaking lazy she didn't give me the pictures yet =_=""

Just one more week to go and I will finally go on a real vacation! Sun! Beach! Food! Sea! YEAH.
So this next week might be really hectic and chaotic but I guess it might be worth it. I hope you all thought about your fathers on Father's Day and hopefully you won't forget your mothers tomorrow! Niko and I will stop by for dinner.  Wish you all a super happy Sunday (or Saturday, depending where you live) and talk to you all soon <3

 Lots of love,


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