Hello my lovely readers,

How have you all been lately? So far, I've been doing great. And it's that time of the year again.. my birthday is just a week away (3rd July)! I love having birthday. I guess, most people do..? ;) It's just that I really love when all my friends gather together just to see me, it's a nice and chilling feeling.

Usually I have like no wishes for my birthday but somehow, this year is different! I think it's because I was broke the whole winter and didn't buy anything, so that I need to balance it out this summer, lol. So I made a little wishlist, because I love to read wishlist posts myself and find new stuff through them :) And who knows, maybe someone wants to surprise me...? (Nah, no worry, my friends don't even read here. Despite one. Or two.)

Recently, I am completely in love with fossil watches and products from The Body Shop. I'm recently using their Tea Tree Face line and it's better than most stuff I tried before! The strawberry set just looks so yummy and I would love to smell like strawberry the whole day ^-^ As a student of Japanese Studies I most certainly can't cut the Sakura Body Mist... it smells like heaven! <3 As for the blender, I asked my dad if he could get me one for my birthday. (So it most certainly won't be a pink one.. but I finally can make milkshakes all day long!)

I've been in love with those boots since I first saw them! If it be autumn, I think I would've ordered them already. I just really really really like these boots. As for the dress, I think it's nothing super amazingly special, but it would be one of those pieces I would feel comfortable in if I didn't know what to wear. It would be the perfect "no-idea-what-to-wear" dress! And it's black, black's always good.

I look forward to have some nice quality time with my best friends next week! And if someone needs inspiration... feel free to use this list ;D 

Lots of love & Talk to you all soon!


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