Heyho my dear readers,

it's Friday afternoon and I'm just typing this little update for you before I'm going outside. I love my life at the moment, I do work a lot less than I used to (which also means less money but oh well.... free weekends!!) I have to work Sunday, but at least I got the Saturday off which means I can finally go outside and attend some events, yay!! I miss all the good stuff because I'm always working early on Sat + Sun .__."" Today I'm gonna attend the Nelly High Heel Tour in Germany :D The tour starts here in Berlin and I'm super curious! I hope there won't be thousands of people.... first hundred girls will receive free highheels but I highly doubt I'll make it under the first one hundred. ^^ But I'll try! One of my best friends and my ex-roomie from Japan, Pachi, will accompany me yay :D She is absolutely not the high-heel-wearing kind of girl but she is so nice to accompany me because she knows I wouldn't go on my own. (Alone to a party..? I'm not old enough for that I fear :x) 

I'm def. curious how crowded it might be, if there are already hundreds of girls waiting I think I'll skip the event and just go for some drinks nearby with Pachi ^^ If I actually make it there, there will be a post of course :)

Another event happening this weekend is the opening of the very forst Forever 21 store in Berlin this Saturday! I loved Forever 21 when I lived in Japan and I am so excited that we will finally get a store of our own :)

Spotted on my way home from work at U-Bahn Zoologischer Garten :)

First 300 will receive gift vouchers and a goodie bag, I'll definitely try to be one of the first! :D I love to go to events, I attended a lot back in Japan ^w^ So much fun with meeting new people! I'm off now and hope you will have a kickass weekend and if you're from Berlin too, see you maybe? :)

Lots of love & Talk to you soon,


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