Hey my dearest readers!

Just one day after my cousin and I had returned from our holiday in Turkey I went to the Berlin Designer Outlet just a little bit outside Berlin with my mom, her wife, my grandma + her boyfriend (yes.. I have a very unique family! :D ). We planned it two weeks in advance because it were my final days of vacation and I usually never have a Saturday off :/ Since on Sunday every shop is closed here, this was the only day we could go. I wish I could do more with my family but my strange working hours usually prevents me from doing so ;_;

Unfortunately, it rained cats and dogs that day. I planned to do lots of shopping pics but nah, I looked like a wet cat just when I stepped outside the car ._. My grandmother and her boyfriend drove us there because we don't own a car anymore, they always drive us around the city! :D So sweet of them :)

Actually, I only went to the Berlin Designer Outlet once in my life... ten years ago. TEN! I didn't like anything ten years ago but I was a little emo-punk back then who most certainly wouldn't like anything :D Back then, the outlet was in a large factory-like building.. very grey, very junky, just... not so great. I honestly thought it would still be like that, but, boy I was so wrong! They actually built a whole little city that consisted of cute little stores, oh it was soooo sweet! :D Every little house was the store of a specific brand and there were lots of really nice brands... like Fossil, The Body Shop, Lacoste, Nike, Adidas, Vero Moda, Replay and lots of others. They even had a German chocolate outlet shop :D 

Isn't it cute?? It looks very much like a little town, I enjoyed it very much. Nice shopping atmosphere!

I honestly didn't think I would find much, I am very picky about clothes in general (that's why I shop so much online...) I went there because of Fossil; I really wanted to buy a new watch. Well it didn't stop there... but see for yourself! :)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion I was surprised to see an anti-blemish lotion actually work!! I just bought this because I was curious and desperate but this is such good stuff! Helps me a lot and I'll try other stuff from the tea tree line :) Will review this because it's so good! If I knew how good it was I had bought more...
Lindt Caramel Brownie, this wasn't for retail price only selected articles were. Didn't matter it still was delicious! 
I couldn't find the Fossil watch online so I don't know which one it is :/ Maybe it was leftover in stock because it was the last one in the shop. Retail price was 90€, usually the price is between 130 - 160€! It had a white band but I changed it to a nude one :) The pattern is sooo beautiful!
 Actually this is a man's t-shirt from Jack&Jones! Found it by accident when I was browsing Vero Moda. This is exactly my style! A bit of rock but not too much paired with cute flowers, mwaha. It fits loose but it's not super oversize :) Best part, I just paid 10€! ^__^
Nude peachy bag from Marc Picard! My mom used to give her old worn out Picard bags to me when I was younger but I never had my own! Although it was 30€ off, it was still quite expensive... but after I had bought it my mom gave it to me as a present!! ^___^ Thank you mom! Funny sidestory: When we were in the car I told my mom how I really wanted a nude bag that would go with anything. And then... I found this! The perfect nude bag, like I pictured it :) Even university stuff fits (I hate tiny bags!) Plus, I love the little key chain detail. So happy with my buys!

I really didn't think I would find so much but it was really cool to go shopping with my mom, I missed it a lot. We used to go shopping together a lot when I was younger and still lived at home :) 

If you ever visit Berlin and like shopping, I highly recommend to pay the outlet center a visit! Though it is outside of Berlin there's a bus running hourly. Especially if you like the more high-end brands like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and others. It's not super cheap but you can save a lot if you're looking for something specific. If you need a shopping partner, let me know! (^__^)/ That's all for today.Hope you all have an amazing time!

Lots of love & Talk to you soon,


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