Hello my sweetest readers,

This is the second photoshoot my cousin and I did at Lara Beach in Turkey :) I have to say this is by far my absolute favorite shoot! As soon as I saw these awesome sofa-bed-pavillons on the beach I instantly knew I had to take some pictures there. We went there at about 7 PM when the light was really soft and awesome. I have to thank my cousin Jacky who took about 200 pictures I fear! :'DDD Thank you Jacky! You're awesome! I felt like a super model because she always screamed at me like "No! That looks crappy! Turn around! Move your feet! Make your body long! HOLD THAAAT!" XD But I'm very happy she took it "seriously" and tried to take good pictures, most people aren't even close to being that patient :) 

Isn't the location just amazing?? I looooved the pavillons <3

I have to say, we had so much fun shooting these pictures! ^__^ Maybe my cousin should quit her job in the financial business and become a photographer... :D I just wish we would have such awesome locations in Berlin too! I can do lots of outfit shots here too, but... well, white walls in the apartment don't really do the trick, do they? ;_; Since the dress itself is kinda bold I usually don't load it up additionally with accessories and if I do, I try to stay within black and or silver. I hope you had as much fun looking as these as we had in making them! :) 

Lots of love & Talk to you soon! :)


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