Dear precious readers,

I know, I know, it's almost a little too late to talk about my birthday... but I had such a good time! :D I never had the chance to make proper pictures but now I do. On Saturday, some of my closest friends came over to visit. We had a wrap-party (a lovely idea from my cousin) and I have to say it was awesome! I just wish the planning beforehand would've been a bit better... but oh well ;D

We had a really good time, making wraps, chatting and drinking (oh I drank a lot... almost a bottle of sparkling wine myself and two.. three... "some" cuba libre (rum + coke + lime) ) but I wasn't that drunk. Well, after everyone left I felt dizzy but... that's what birthdays are for, right? :D Usually I like to just enjoy one or two beers when I'm out I don't really "drink" anymore. Health and stuff, you know. (Plus, I always feel SO bad afterwards..) So we had a really good time, my boyfriend was even there :) (He usually flees when my friends are on the way..)

So here are some impressions from the party :)

My friends got me a "friend package" with lots of different amazing things! :D The awesome thing on the right is a SOAPBUBBLEMACHINE! How amazing is that??? Ohhh so much soap bubbles, I tell you. I've got proof. They also made me a custom-tumblr and handed me some pictures so I could design the tumblr to my liking. Plus, awesome candy!!

I told my friends that there is a whole bunch of beauty stuff that I would want so they gave me giftcards from The Body Shop and Douglas ^___^ I have a reaaaally hard time deciding what to buy with these... <3

...but I couldn't resist at Body Shop today and bought "Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray" and "Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion" since I wanted them for quite some time. I still have some amount of money left on the gift card so I'm thrilled what I might buy in the end :3
....but back to the party!

Our little kitchen packed with wrap-fillings. We had sooo much stuff. I made a Japanese taco-inspired grounded meat filling and guacamole, Stuffi brought some chicken, garlic sauce and lots of different cheeses and salads of course. I really liked to make my own "customized" wrap, they were sooooo good!

My first try. I wasn't too sure whether I would be able to actually "wrap" this thing... filled with guacamole, salad, tomatoes, feta, garlic sauce and the grounded meat filling.

...did it! Yay! Almost looks professional :D

 My friends gave me a huuuge "Birthday Girl" pin (as you can see, please take my hand on the right as comparison) which I wore the whole night. It's simple but I love things like that! ^__^
BUBBLEEEES! The soap machine is amazing. I love it. I take it everywhere I go and make bubbles to make random people more happy. Unfortunately it's really really noisy... XD But: Bubbles! :D I think my friends knew very very well how much I would like this thing.

I didn't take many pictures because I actually just enjoyed the "party" (though it was more a.... meeting-up?) We just sat around, making wraps and talking. I didn't wanna have a loud party with dancing and stuff so I definitely enjoyed this evening :) Thank you my dear friends!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Have a happy start into the week :3
Lots of love,


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