Hello my lovelies,

How have you been lately? I'm good at the fact that I don't have as much pain as I had in the beginning :) I think it -whatever it is- starts to heal..? Of course I am still mostly tied to my bed but at least I feel a bit more comfy now.

Today I'll be giving you short reviews on some really raved about products from Etude House! I just love that brand, they have the most cute package design ever *__* Unfortunately I wasn't able to buy anything when I was in Japan but I definitely will next year when I'll be studying in Korea ♥  But so long I am really happy that there is still Ebay to our service.

I bought the items with my own money and as always the reviews are 100% my own opinion :) I don't remember the exact store where I bought them but if you search for "Etude House" on Ebay you should get quite some results. I was able to find any product I wanted off of Ebay, yayz! Prices were also very reasonable (but I don't know about the original prices in Korea, so..)


This has the most amazing package design ever made in my opinion! :D To be honest with you: I only bought it because of the packaging, I mean, LOOK AT THE PANDA <3 Aw, I just love this little thing. There are other designs such like penguins but I liked this most plus peach scent was just fine for me.

As for the price, I paid 5€ in total with shipping. Item arrived safely wrapped and in good condition after two weeks at my doorstep. So how is this? Honestly, this hand cream is amazing. As a barista, my hands are almost always dry when I'm at work and I can't stand the feeling of dry hands >_<" This cream, however is the perfect solution: It has a very light formula which means it dries very(!) fast on the hands and it doesn't leave you with that sticky feeling afterwards you often get. I also love the scent, it's a subtle peach, not overwhelmingly, but sweet enough to notice. Plus, I love to carry this around in my bag.

Would I buy this procuct again? Yes, yes and YES! One of the best hand creams I owned and not only design-wise :)


This is the sample size of the famous and internet-raved-about pore cleanser(?) Wonder Pore. I wanted to try this because a looooot of bloggers said how amazing it was and well, I just couldn't resist. Since my skin is super picky and breaks out easily, I decided to buy a sample size kit where this one was also included. Turned out to be the best idea.

What do I think of this? Well. When I tried it out for the first or second time, the bottle fell down and almost half of the thing went straight into the sink =__= I was like "Nooooooooooooooo" my precious Wonderporethingy..... I then tried it out for a week or so and have to say, I am not even sure if there's anything inside there despite water. I didn't see ANY effect. Anything at all. I don't know if it's me or the product but I was really disappointed since it did nothing good for me. I am really happy that I've chosen the sample size :) So one and all, one hit and one miss in this post.

This is the sample size kit I've bought but I still need to try out the other products. Since my skin condition is so difficult I can only try out one skin product once at a time because otherwise, I wouldn't know which product would cause which effect :) Anything you are curious about? I still have to try out the Real Art Cleansing Oil, a moisturizer which name I don't remember, a BB Cream and something I have yet to find out what its used for (an illuminizer, maybe?). I really look forward to try out all the neat products once I've arrived in Korea. Depending on their new line, I might as well jump to Ebay as a help if I can't wait...

Hope this was somehow useful, wish you all an awesome day! ♥ 

Lots of love & Talk to you all soon,


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