Hello my l♥velies,

This is another slighlty different fashion post. Now that I am home all day with my slipped disk I want to be comfortable most of the time. Since I sometimes have pain when moving it's especially important for me to wear comfortable pants - which means, jogging pants! Don't get me wrong, I love jogging pants. They are super comfy and quite useful - if you don't have to wear them everyday. Now I am almost living in jogging pants for the last month and while I most of the time only hop from doc to doc, I still feel not that good dressed as I felt before.

So I wondered, is it possible to keep the pants while creating a more fashionable outfit? I might be knocked out a bit at the moment but I still wanna feel good dressed which means feeling comfortable in my own skin. ^-^ That's why I played around with my wardrobe lately to see how I could match those dark grey jogging pants I own with the rest of my stuff to create a better look. (I always would prefer real trousers but the thought of tight pants makes me ache by just thinking of it) I think one should always make the best of one's situation! (:

So here's what I do: When I'm wearing jogging pants (similar like the one above, I own a pair that looks almost exactly like this one, only that the pair I own was almost 100 bucks cheaper from Gina Tricot) I like to turn it into a more appropriate outfit by using one of my various blazers and chose an overall more "romantic" look. The pants itself look very sporty and since I'm not a very sporty person gotta have to change it ^^ I personally think this works out really well as long as the pants are in a darker color.

I also sometimes switch to leggings because they are super comfortable too! I never felt that amazing and well dressed in leggings but well, gotta have get used to it. I switch between a regular dark one and a PU leather one I found at F21. I recently got very fond of hats, you can almost spice every outfit by adding a hat to it! Also it helps against bad hair day :D I definitely need to buy that black rose sweater, I LOVE IT! Found it online at Gina Tricot, just really hope it's not sold out already in Berlin (There is always everything sold out at Gina Tricot what I wanna buy ;_; ) I also need a pair of biker boots this winter. Desperately. But so far couldn't find the perfect pair, might need some advice on that.... :3

I am really sorry for the kinda strange topics on my blog lately but you see - I have to somehow use my situation and find something to blog about since everyday is just about going to the physiotherapist or going to the supermarket. Nothing really happening much lately. I hope y'all feel better than me and thank you so much for your constant supporting comments, they're keeping me going somehow :)

Lots of love,


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