Hi my dearest readers,

Since my last day of work was the 15th of September I am now officially allowed to have awesome hair- and nailcolors again YAY! I know some of you don't care for that kind of stuff, but honestly, I HATE when people tell me how I have to look. Seriously, it's none of anybodys business! I have always enjoyed fancy haircolors and nails so yes, I am very happy that I am now again free to do so. :)

Maybe you remember my autumn post but if you don't it doesn't really matter - I bought the awesome Manhattan Dusky Pink Lotus Effect Nail Laquer and since this is such an awesome nailcolor I wanted to share it with you guys! I am a hooker for fancy nail colors but unfortunately most glitter ones turn out really sheer and disappointing. I cannot confirm this for the Manhattan Dusky Pink - it's a very awesome and unique color in my opinion. Since my own nails are already chipped had to borrow a better picture, sorry 'bout that... :3

Borrowed from Plenty Of Colors

Isn't that an amazing shade? I haven't seen anything like it on the German drugstore shelves so I kinda HAD to buy it. I love how it sparkles and has different glitter sizes in it! Manhattan cosmetics is more on the cheaper side but I always found their nail colors quite decent in quality.

Borrowed from Just An Other Beauty Junkie

Speaking about opacity.... well. Can you believe after seeing the "one coat" nail that it develops like this deep blackish purple pink color?? Nope, me neither. I was so disappointed when I saw the first coat because my, it doesn't look like anything at all. However, with two to three coats it gets full coverage and looks really awesome. I think I will use a deep purple or black color as basic coat and top it with this shade to get the most out of it! ^w^ It takes kinda long to dry though, but I think that's kinda normal with glitter ones...?

However, I am really happy to say that I love this nail polish and would highly recommend it and buy it again! Just such an amazing color combination I could stare at it all day <3 Sorry for borrowing off the pictures I hope you don't mind! My nails are always already chipped as soon after I've done them.... T_T"

What do you think of this color? Are you a glitter girl like me? :D Hope this little review helped someone along the way, take care y'all!

Lots of love,


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