Helly my precious ones,

Just a short update today since there's only university happening but nothing really worth mentioning. We slooowly start with lessons, with the main focus on slowly.^^  Only exciting thing: We got our Korean Textbooks, woooh! Everyone is SO pumped to finally start to learn Korean, we are all so excited! I started to learn Hangul today and it's not so bad, I think I'll master it soon - at least I hope so :) When I started to learn Japanese it was soooo much work but I am so proud of where I am now that I will definitely continue.

So today, after introduction course, we went in a little crowd of five people to IKEA in the nearby city Cologne. I love IKEA, I worked there once and I loved how they treated their employees really well. I mean, really really well. There was even free coffee and cakes and an extra break to enjoy it. Also, I think IKEA evolved in a pretty good direction, with more designs and an overall good quality for cheap furniture.

Since we all moved to Bonn some days/weeks before, there was so much little stuff we needed and it took us six hours XD Well, to be honest, we ate a lot of Hot Dogs and also enjoyed coffee in the restaurant but still... five people, who all want different stuff? Takes time, but it was so much fun! Here's what I bought:

#1 A frying pan. I have a high-tec kind of stove and it only works with special pans so I had to buy this one.. I was really sad without a frying pan. #2 A colander for my love of spaghetti :D #3 A one-liter thermos flask... because the 0,5-liter just wasn't enough, I drink so much tea during the day! This thing's really huge but I need it when I'm in university all day. #4 (above) Flashy notebook for my Korean studies :)  #5 Wooden spoons, because I'm a kitchen pro. #6 I really wanted to buy this notebook but I have a really tight budget so I cut on it. I might get it next time, though since I thought it was pretty cool....

Have to say they had a lot of amazing stationary available which they made in corporations with certain designers, love where this is going! Never saw anything like that at IKEA before.. since there was so much stuff I liked I created a little wishlist to lengthen this post a bit ;D

I am just a sucker for needless stuff like that :< As for the candelabra, I always wanted one! And this one def. doesn't look anywhere near IKEA-ish.. and who doesn't need boxes, right? Especially for students :D
Hope you enjoyed this little post and I hope all of you are doing well!
Going to bed now and watching some Breaking Bad ^w^

Lots of love,


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